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By Alicia Kort

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Whenever you hear “Hound Canine,” your first thought could also be of Elvis’s well-known tune. Regardless of what the King of Rock and Roll claims, Hounds often don’t cry on a regular basis in the event that they’re getting sufficient psychological stimulation and train, however they do usually have distinctive, shrill barks.

In fact, Hounds are a lot greater than their voices. These extraordinarily clever canines are additionally gifted hunters and are often divided into two teams: Scent hounds and sighthounds, who’re every named for the first talent that makes them top-tier hunters. Learn on to be taught in regards to the several types of hounds and noteworthy breeds inside the two varieties.

What’s a hound canine?

A hound canine is a canine that’s bred for looking — particularly for utilizing their highly effective senses to trace down targets. Scent hounds use their extraordinary sense of scent whereas sight hounds use sharp eyesight, to trace and chase.

Scent Hounds:

  • Scent hounds sometimes have a protracted snout.
  • Their noses are outstanding, containing numerous scent receptors for efficient monitoring.
  • Scent hound eyes are sometimes set extra ahead on the face, providing higher deal with scents close to the bottom.
  • Their lengthy and hanging ears assist lure and funnel scents towards the nostril.
  • Their lips could also be droopy, serving to to lure scents close to the nostril.


  • Sighthounds are inclined to have smooth and aerodynamic heads.
  • Sighthound eyes are sometimes giant and positioned on the edges of the top, offering a large field of regard.
  • Sighthounds have lengthy faces, however their noses are often smaller compared to scent hounds.
  • Ears could be folded again to cut back wind resistance when operating at excessive speeds.

It’s all about scent hounds

Scent hounds use their eager sense of scent to seek out folks, meals, prey, and different objects, even after they’re miles away. They’ve extra olfactory receptors than different canine breeds. For instance, the Bloodhound (a scent hound) has about 300 million olfactory receptors, whereas people have about 6 million. The common canine can sniff 4 to 5 occasions inside one second, so think about how rapidly a scent hound is ready to parse out a single scent after they’re on the transfer.

Scent hounds are often low-riders with quick legs that make holding their noses to the bottom simpler. Their quick stature additionally permits their ears to soak up the smells they brush previous, permitting scent hounds to linger over the scent even when they’ve technically moved on.

These canines choose to be sniffing always, ideally with a aim in thoughts, so to maintain your scent hound mentally stimulated, you possibly can conceal a deal with in the home and ship them on a hunt to seek out it (however be ready for the sport to finish rapidly). Due to their single-mindedness, it’s really useful that scent hounds are all the time stored on a leash or in a fenced yard.

Basset hound sitting on a deck in front of tree

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Basset Hound

The low-slung and long-eared Basset Hound was bred for monitoring, and their nostril is taken into account solely second finest to the Bloodhound’s with greater than 220 million olfactory receptors. Their little legs are constructed for endurance as an alternative of pace, to allow them to observe scents simply for hours — and as soon as they’re on the scent, they alter from calm to cussed in seconds.

This breed solely reaches 15 inches at shoulder top however can weigh as much as 65 kilos. Regardless of their quick coat, they’ll shed loads and ought to be brushed weekly. Basset Hounds make good companions to households with younger kids and different pets.

Seek for adoptable Basset Hounds

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The Beagle is a scenthound with round 220 million olfactory receptors and a looking companion bred to be a prey tracker. They used to rove round in packs to seek out rabbits, hares, and extra, so as soon as they get ahold of a scent, they’ll wish to observe it endlessly. Due to their pack historical past, Beagles don’t like being left alone and may change into harmful.

This small breed could be as tall as 15 inches at shoulder top and weigh as a lot as 30 kilos. They’re nice with different pets and younger kids, although they aren’t the largest cuddlebugs. Beagles require an hour of train per day, psychological stimulation, and weekly brushing as a result of though their coat appears to be like quick, they really have a double coat.

Seek for adoptable Beagles

Dachshund wearing bandana on sofa

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The Dachshund could also be a squat breed, however they’ve a eager sense of scent and are fierce hunters who may even hunt beneath floor and ferret out prey hiding in holes or dens. They’re the smallest scent hounds and are available two sizes: Normal (weighing as much as 32 kilos) and Mini (weighing as much as 11 kilos).

Dachshunds have huge personalities regardless of their small stature. They’ve a brave impartial streak that may trigger them to be a bit mischievous and have a excessive endurance — they’ll appear tireless at occasions. Nevertheless, they’ll change into severely injured in the event that they leap off furnishings, dash up and down stairs, or run for lengthy distances, so they need to be taken on two reasonable walks per day. Dachshunds may have three kinds of fur — smooth-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired — so their grooming wants fluctuate.

Seek for adoptable Dachshunds

bloodhound dog

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The Bloodhound has the strongest olfactory receptors out of every other canine, with about 300 million receptors. This long-eared breed additionally picks up many smells with their ears and could be as tall as 27 inches tall at shoulder top and weigh as much as 110 kilos, making them the biggest scent canine on this listing. Their quick coat is surprisingly dense, so it’s going to shed a number of occasions every year and requires weekly brushing.

Bloodhounds’ unhappy, droopy faces and all-over physique wrinkles may make them appear to be they’re completely happy to laze in your yard or in your sofa all day, however they require lengthy walks plus further playtime (in a fenced yard, so that they don’t wander away after a scent). The Bloodhound could be an affectionate addition to any household.

Seek for adoptable Bloodhounds

Large bluetick Coonhound

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Bluetick Coonhound

The Bluetick Coonhound is called for his or her blue-and-black “ticked” sample on their backs and legs, and, in contrast to different scent hounds on this listing, have been bred to be nocturnal hunters and sniff out raccoons. Like different hounds, nevertheless, these canines have a robust urge to observe their noses, and in the event that they aren’t given sufficient psychological stimulation and bodily exercise, they’ll change into harmful.

Bluetick Coonhounds, which could be as tall as 27 inches and weigh as much as 80 kilos, are giant hunters with even greater prey drives. This breed is aware of the best way to separate work from relaxation, although, and is greater than content material to relax at house if their wants are met. They get alongside properly with different pups due to their monitoring background. Their shorter coats have to be brushed weekly, and homeowners can count on them to shed reasonably.

Seek for adoptable Bluetick Coonhound

Sighthounds see all of it

As a substitute of utilizing their noses, sighthounds use their eagle-sharp eyesight, giant vary of imaginative and prescient, and pace to convey down prey. Scent hounds have been bred to assist people, however sighthounds have been bred to hunt on their very own.

Sighthounds have mild, lithe our bodies which are deep-chested, skinny on the waist, and boast lengthy legs, which assist them dash after prey — and keep that pace for miles. In truth, sighthounds have been bred to convey down fast prey, like hares, but additionally bigger prey, like deer and even wolves.

Greyhound dog sits on person's lap

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Greyhounds are the speediest of the sighthounds (they’ll attain 45 miles per hour), and their total our bodies have been designed for looking success. Their eyes are wide-spread in order that they’ll survey the land round them for the slightest motion, they usually have a wide variety of imaginative and prescient —  Greyhounds can have a 270-degree vary of imaginative and prescient, whereas people have 180. Even their toes are padded to present them a springier step.

These affectionate giant pups are comparatively low-energy of their properties, although they want loads of alternatives to point out off their dash. Greyhounds can attain as much as 30 inches at shoulder top and weigh as much as 70 kilos. This breed could be myriad colours and patterns, however their coat is brief and requires weekly glove run-downs.

Seek for adoptable Greyhounds

Large light-colored Borzoi dog

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The majestic Borzoi is a long-haired, giant sighthound — they’ll attain as much as 105 kilos and greater than 28 inches at shoulder top — initially bred to be a wolf tracker and hunter. This lithe pup has a thoughts of their very own and doesn’t react properly to aggressive coaching. The Borzoi could be lazy round the home however requires lengthy walks and the chance to run round in a fenced yard. It’s vital to notice that they are going to dash after something that strikes, so they need to be stored contained because of their excessive prey drive. As for grooming, the Borzoi’s lengthy coat would require weekly brushing and can shed profusely every year.

Seek for adoptable Borzoi

Whippet puppy lying on dog bed

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Smaller than the Greyhound and Borzoi, the Whippet reaches 22 inches in top and may weigh as a lot as 40 kilos, however can nonetheless run at speeds as much as 35 miles per hour. The Whippet appears to be like like a miniature Greyhound in some ways, and their temperament is just like different sighthounds; they love to put round the home however will spring into motion when one thing catches their eye and have to be stored mentally stimulated with actions like video games of fetch or agility coaching. Whippets are extremely cuddly pups who make nice companions to young children and different pets. This pup’s quick coat is low-maintenance and solely requires brushing as soon as every week.

Seek for adoptable Whippets

saluki medium dog leaning over couch

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The Saluki is an Egyptian breed that boasts the respect of being one of many oldest canine breeds on the market. With their long-haired ears — will find yourself coated in meals from their meals bowls if they don’t seem to be pulled again — and bushy tails, Salukis barely resemble lions. The remainder of their coats are comparatively quick as compared and could be both {smooth} or long-haired (the latter would require extra grooming). Salukis can attain speeds of 42.8 miles per hour, making them second in pace to the fast Greyhound, and may weigh as much as 65 kilos and attain 28 inches in shoulder top.

Seek for adoptable Salukis

Pharaoh Hound sitting in the grass

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Pharaoh Hound

Just like the Saluki, the Pharaoh Hound originated in Egypt hundreds of years in the past and boasts a lithe body. Pharaoh Hounds have been bred to hurry over rocky terrains (they’ll attain as much as 35 miles per hour), and their quick tan coats assist them mix in with that terrain after they’re on the hunt. This breed can attain as much as 55 kilos and 25 inches at shoulder top, and their quick coats solely require a weekly brushing.

This sighthound isn’t all work and no play, although — they’re thought-about very devoted pets and get alongside properly with different canines and younger kids. This huge breed sighthound requires extra train than another sighthounds; they need to be allowed to run in a yard or will want two lengthy walks per day.

Seek for adoptable Pharaoh Hounds


How huge do hound canines get?

Hound canines can vary in dimension. A big hound, just like the Irish Wolfhound, can weigh as much as 180 kilos, whereas smaller ones, like Beagles, can weigh beneath 20 kilos.

How huge do hound mixes get?

Like their purebred counterparts, hound mixes can vary in dimension from over 100 kilos to lower than 20 kilos, relying on the breed combine.

How do you prepare a hound canine?

As a result of they’re scent-driven and impartial thinkers, some hound canines are cussed and require affected person, constant coaching to finest channel their power and instincts.

Is a Beagle a hound canine?

Sure, Beagles are thought-about hound canines. Beagles are well-known for his or her tremendous sniffing abilities and are categorised as scent hounds.

Are hounds good household canines?

Sure, hounds could make nice household canines as they’re usually pleasant, social, loyal, and affectionate with their human packs.


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