Caring for Clingy Cats: Olga’s Want for Consideration (& What I Do About It)


Russian Blues aren’t often thought-about clingy cats, and through her adolescent years, Olga loved her alone time extra. Nevertheless, at the same time as a kitten, she didn’t prefer it once I left for work. I made the error of claiming goodbye and rubbing her head, which might end in her latching onto my arm and biting me. I assumed it was humorous and endearing, however I ended the observe once I seen a number of tiny holes within the sleeves of my winter jacket.

Now, I say goodbye from a distance, however typically, she chases me to the door and tries to hit me on the leg. Since I make money working from home now, Olga turns into extra upset once I go away. Within the morning, after consuming breakfast, she wanders into the visitor room (her room) and sleeps below the sofa. After two hours, she comes into my workplace, meows, and jumps in my lap to take a nap.

She naps for a couple of minutes after which sleeps on the windowsill or chair close to my desk. She likes being in the identical room however doesn’t should be continually touching me like my earlier cat. Leaving her alone for brief durations isn’t an issue, however she will get harassed when she is aware of I’m making ready for a visit.

Making ready for Holidays

A great spook, Olga feeling uneasy about this new object in the room
An important spook! Olga feeling uneasy about this new object within the room.

Moreover the vacuum cleaner, the suitcase is likely one of the objects most despised by felines. Up to now, once I pulled my suitcase out, Olga would run below the mattress and conceal. I’ve discovered that holding my suitcase in the lounge for a number of days earlier than my journey helps. As you may see from one of many photographs, Olga stored her distance when she first noticed the suitcase.

After I positioned her favourite toys close to the suitcase, she relaxed and finally rubbed her head towards it. She didn’t appear harassed once I packed the suitcase a couple of days earlier than my journey, however she used to get upset once I packed it the evening earlier than I left.

Olga inspecting my suitcase
Okay, Dad, this isn’t so dangerous!

Making Time for Olga

If I’m not paying sufficient consideration to Olga, she has a number of methods of letting me know. She spends most of her day napping, however when she’s able to play, Olga assaults inanimate objects (or me) if I ignore her. She is going to run to a window and seize the strings on the blinds or drag one of many paper balls from below the sofa and hit it in my course.

A number of months in the past, once I was studying a e book and ignoring her, she hit me on the top with a paper ball. Often, she’s not that exact when she dribbles the ball on the ground, however I assume it was a fortunate shot. You possibly can’t at all times cease what you’re doing and play together with your cat, however I attempt to play together with her day by day, particularly when she has a burst of power.

It makes her completely happy and retains my blinds and different belongings from getting destroyed. Though she’s not clingy like a Siamese cat, she’s turn out to be extra affectionate and needy since I’ve spent extra time at house. By setting apart time on daily basis to play together with her and being extra strategic with my trip preparations, Olga doesn’t get as harassed or assault me as usually.


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