7 Cat Sitting Positions & What They Imply (With Footage)


orange tabby cat sitting on grass outdoors

Our favourite feline roommates show some severe athletic ability, however simply as attention-grabbing are the quite a few distinct methods they lounge. The positions a cat sits or lays can sign lots, from their temper to their consolation, well being, and extra. Whether or not your cat is stepping into some actually bizarre positions it is advisable to demystify otherwise you simply need to be taught as a lot as potential about your cat, we’ve received you coated. Learn on as we discuss a number of the commonest sitting positions for cats and simply what the heck they imply.

The 7 Cat Sitting Positions

1. The Loaf

siamese cat napping in a loaf position
Picture Credit score: anarosadebastiani, Pixabay

The loaf is among the extra lovely sitting positions, the place your cat curls up their legs beneath their physique and resembles a furry loaf of bread. Cats are relaxed on this place, however their legs are in direct ground contact and with their stomach down in case they should transfer shortly in response to a menace or prey. Your cat would possibly flippantly drowse once they loaf, however they don’t go into deep sleep. Both manner, this place indicators that your cat is comfy and trusts you.

2. Commonplace Sitting

ragdoll cat sitting on a cat tree
Picture Credit score: izmargad, Shutterstock

Cats will sit on their again legs and with their entrance legs outstretched within the “common” sitting place once they’re very relaxed and see no have to assume a defensive place. They is perhaps actively watching you, an attention-grabbing plastic bag, the TV, or are merely gazing out the window longingly, however who actually is aware of what they’re pondering? Notably, this place signifies that your cat sees no should be territorial or dominant, so don’t count on to see this place usually in case your cat isn’t 100% comfy with your property setting.

3. Tail Down Sitting

ginger tabby cat sitting with its legs outstretched while grooming itself
Picture Credit score: skorchanov, Pixabay

A cat with their tail hanging down between their outstretched again legs and their entrance legs beneath them is assured with their lot in life—not a menace to be seen wherever in sight. Cats love to take a seat like this once they really feel accountable for their territory and don’t sense any threats value investigating. Your cat might also sit like this and swish their tail backwards and forwards when one thing lastly does have interaction their consideration.

4. Crouching Kitty

black and white tuxedo scottish fold cat crouching under the couch
Picture Credit score: apinya phuangphem, Shutterstock

A crouching stance means your cat is on the defensive, maybe after a spat with certainly one of your different cats or after they’ve spied a possible menace. Crouching cats maintain their paws on the prepared simply in entrance of them low to the bottom, whereas hiding their susceptible stomach in opposition to the ground. Your cat’s tail will in all probability be swishing in agitation, their ears could also be laid low on their cranium, and their eyes would possibly dilate in response to combat or flight hormones produced by nervousness, worry, or aggression. Their eyes might additionally slender to slits, which might point out aggression or defensiveness.

5. Tucked Loaf

cat with sitting with its legs and tail tucked underneath its body
Picture Credit score: jansedlon, Pixabay

In case your cat seems to be hugging themselves with their tail with their limbs in a decent loaf place, they’re anxious or fearful in response to environmental stimuli they’ll’t management. Issues like loud storms, raucous houseguests, new individuals or animals, or simply strange family objects they don’t fairly perceive. It’s vital to note when your cat is feeling anxious or fearful and take steps to deal with the problem since you need them to really feel protected and cozy of their house.

6. Bottoms Up

long haired cat stretching in an outdoor catio
Picture Credit score: SariMe, Shutterstock

Feminine cats in warmth continuously stretch their entrance legs out with their head low and their hindquarters within the air as a manner of attracting mates. Even when there aren’t some other cats round, your cat might vocalize far more usually, tempo round as if looking for one thing, or develop an intense curiosity in going exterior. We propose you are taking further steps to safe your doorways and home windows and watch out to not let your cat slip out the door in case you see them on this place.

7. Bone Breaking Positions

sleeping cat curled up in a basin
Picture Credit score: VladimirKabanov, Pixabay

This can be a catch-all umbrella time period for these numerous events you catch your cat sleeping in a manner that makes you suppose they’ll break their neck. Cats’ distinctive our bodies can mildew themselves to sinks, packing containers, and practically some other vessels in a fluid-like manner that makes them appear like they’re liquid. Acrobatic escapades can get your cat’s limbs in all kinds of unlikely positions, and people are the right possibilities to seize a photograph for Instagram. They’re high-quality, actually. Your cat received’t actually harm themselves in these wacky positions, and perhaps they’ll be taught a lesson on applicable sleeping spots!


Cats are mysterious creatures, however we’ve managed to decode a number of the commonest sitting positions you in all probability see regularly. Sitting with their tail curled round them may very well be an indication that they’re anxious, and watchful kitties will crouch down like tigers able to pounce. Use contextual clues alongside together with your cat’s place to puzzle out their temper. You’ll be the cat whisperer very quickly.

Featured Picture Credit score: Robert Laszlo, Pexels


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