7 Important Suggestions for New Cat Mother and father


Whether or not you’re a seasoned cat father or mother or a contemporary recruit to the great world of felines, there are issues it’s essential to know to assist guarantee your furry member of the family has a glad, wholesome life. Whereas there definitely is rather more cat knowledge you’ll nonetheless want, right here’s a rundown of the highest seven cat commandments to get you began.

1. Veterinary Care

Common veterinary care is essential to your cat’s lifetime well being. Keep on schedule with annual exams to observe total well being, keep up-to-date with vaccinations, and preserve dental hygiene. Cats are execs at hiding ache and fairly often, the one indication of potential sickness or ache could also be a change in typical conduct, urge for food, or litter field utilization. For those who discover any change in your cat’s typical routine, look, or total conduct, seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Don’t skip annual wellness visits simply because your cat seems wholesome. It’s throughout these yearly routine visits that an issue could also be detected in its early stage and that might scale back struggling in addition to enhance the probabilities of profitable remedy.

No matter whether or not you intend on conserving your cat solely indoors or not, spaying and neutering is crucial. Along with stopping undesirable litters, it reduces the chance of sure cancers and different well being points. With male cats, if left intact, you’ll, sooner or later take care of spray-marking. Speak together with your veterinarian when you have any questions or considerations concerning the spay or neuter process.

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2. Correct Vitamin and Hydration

Cats are obligate carnivores and despite the fact that they’ll generally appear to be furry meals critics, their food regimen should embrace ample protein from animal sources. Whether or not it’s business cat meals, a uncooked food regimen, or your particular selfmade recipe, make certain it’s top-notch to fulfill your cat’s wants to keep up optimum well being. A standard mistake some cat dad and mom make is to over-feed. The directions on the container of meals is only a common guideline. Decide the right portion based mostly in your cat’s age, well being, physique sort, and exercise stage. When you have questions on how a lot to feed, seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Though dry meals is definitely very handy, moist meals is nearer to what a cat would naturally eat and can present extra moisture. Dry meals could contribute to urinary tract points.

Correct hydration can also be important. Present entry to wash, contemporary water day by day. Cats fed dry meals might want to drink extra as a result of the meals solely incorporates about 10% moisture. Cats fed moist meals could drink much less nevertheless it’s nonetheless necessary to at all times have contemporary water obtainable. Wash the water bowl out day by day to stop the build-up of biofilm. For those who’re involved that your cat isn’t consuming sufficient water, strive completely different model bowls to lower any whisker discomfort. Including a pet water fountain might also assist. Speak to your veterinarian when you have considerations about your cat’s hydration ranges.

3. Litter Field Set-up and Upkeep

Present your cat with the Cadillac of litter containers. All cats deserve that! For optimum consolation, the field needs to be 1 ½ occasions the size of your cat from tip of the nostril to base of the tail. For those who’re unable to discover a field that’s large enough, create a custom-size one by utilizing a plastic storage container.

That Cadillac of litter containers must also be a convertible mannequin. Buy an uncovered field to stop your cat from feeling cramped whereas in there. An open field may also enable the litter to dry extra effectively. Uncovered containers present escape potential and that’s an necessary characteristic when a cat is within the susceptible place of being within the litter field. Being uncovered will moreover make it simpler so that you can discover when the field wants scooping. For those who’re involved about litter scatter, select a high-sided plastic storage container and minimize a “U” formed entrance on one finish to your cat to simply enter and exit


Preserve an excellent scooping schedule by checking and scooping the litter field at the least twice a day. Utterly wash the field at the least month-to-month if utilizing scoopable litter and extra regularly if utilizing non-scoopable. Talking of litter, select unscented out of respect to your cat’s very delicate nostril.

The overall rule is to have one litter field per cat however one additional to make sure there are sufficient choices for everybody. In a multicat family, don’t line the litter containers up in a single space. Containers needs to be unfold out to permit for private territories and so a cat doesn’t should cross into one other cat’s space to find an elimination spot.

Place litter containers in quiet areas which can be out of the best way of household visitors, however don’t find them so remotely that they’re inconvenient. Don’t place containers up in opposition to corners, in cupboards, or below furnishings. Keep in mind, escape potential is a prime precedence within the cat world when in susceptible conditions.

Keep away from sudden adjustments in litter manufacturers or varieties as cats are delicate to abrupt change. Make sluggish transitions or, if you happen to aren’t certain which litter your cat will like, set out a litter field buffet and let your cat resolve.

4. The Want for Claws

Cats have a pure have to scratch. This side of cat life is significant to bodily and psychological well being. Scratching maintains nail well being, is a method the cat stretches, is a marking conduct, and can also be helpful for emotional displacement.

Present a tall, sturdy scratching publish coated in a claw-appealing materials similar to sisal. Place the scratching publish the place your cat likes to scratch. Put money into multiple scratching publish when you have a multicat family or in case your cat likes to scratch in a number of areas. Many favor to scratch close to entryways, or different social vital areas of the house.

Horizontal scratching pads can be utilized in case your cat prefers that scratching place. Corrugated cardboard scratching pads are available many configurations and dimensions and are an affordable method to offer the range many cats take pleasure in in relation to scratching conduct.

Don’t declaw your cat. Thankfully, it’s changing into banned in additional areas due to the notice of the painful restoration, long-term bodily and emotional results, and the way essential claws are for a cat’s total well being. Study to trim your cat’s claws utilizing constructive, mild methods, similar to clicker coaching. In case you are not sure about claw trimming, have your veterinarian or a veterinary technician instruct you on the process. With persistence, tenderness, and some yummy treats, you’ll be able to prepare your cat.

5. Enrichment and Psychological Stimulation

Cats are clever, curious, and as hunters, they’re hardwired to hunt and uncover. Present acceptable toys, scratching posts, quite a lot of perches and elevated areas (similar to a cat tree), in addition to hiding locations to fulfill the pure intuition to climb, soar, play, scratch, and conceal.

Playtime ought to embrace alternatives for solo play with attention-grabbing and enjoyable toys in addition to interactive playtime. Interactive play is the place you might be an integral participant in that you simply’ll use a fishing pole sort toy to entice your cat’s play drive. Use the toy to imitate the actions of prey to fulfill your cat’s pure searching ardour. Interactive play is helpful to your cat’s bodily and psychological well being in addition to being necessary for constructing belief and strengthening the human/cat bond. For security, put all interactive toys away after the playtime session to stop your cat from getting tangled in any strings and to stop the chance of choking.

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For solo playtime, scatter toys in strategic areas to your cat to find. Don’t simply heap the toys right into a basket within the nook as a result of then they simply turn out to be lifeless prey. Be conscious of the way you place them. One thing like a fuzzy mouse inside an open paper bag or cardboard field could be very attractive.

Embody puzzle feeders to assist stop boredom, ease stress, and to assist with mealtime points. A puzzle feeder is a toy that incorporates meals or treats, and your cat should transfer or manipulate it ultimately to retrieve the meals reward. Puzzle feeders are nice for cats who eat too rapidly. Search on-line and also you’ll discover many choices for puzzle feeders.

You don’t want to interrupt the finances to provide toys to your cat. Rotate toys to re-ignite curiosity. Catnip or silver vine may also be used for added enticement.

6. Socialize and Practice Your Cat

Make investments the time in serving to your cat turn out to be comfy with regular points of cat life similar to being in a service, automotive journey, being dealt with (necessary for medicating and nail trims), being comfy with guests within the dwelling, being brushed, and so forth. The best way to do it’s to maintain every expertise constructive and do it step by step. Use treats to reward your cat for even the smallest of child steps. You’ll find plenty of info on our web site with coaching methods for every.

7. Pay Consideration to Your Cat’s Physique Language

To construct a powerful bond and preserve belief together with your cat, you’ll want to grasp physique language. Cats talk very effectively by means of physique indicators, and with the ability to interpret these cues will help you respect preferences and that may go a good distance in avoiding being scratched or bitten. Take note of how your cat is positioned, tail place, ear orientation, facial features, and pupil dimension. Take the fast atmosphere into consideration as properly when gauging what your cat could also be speaking. Be conscious of shifts in temper as properly. Your cat could take pleasure in being held by you for less than a sure period of time or could favor being petted across the head and never alongside the backbone. Respect preferences and adapt to adjustments in temper.

Respect your cat’s want for private house and limits. Your cat could take pleasure in snuggling with you at occasions however might also want some solitude. Study to establish when your cat is requesting a rise in distance.

Life with a cat is a rewarding and loving nevertheless it’s important you do your half by having the information and appreciation of their wants and nature. By guaranteeing prime diet, common veterinary care, psychological stimulation, playtime, interesting and clear litter field set-up, acceptable scratching areas, and an understanding of feline physique language, you’re in your method to constructing a loving and wholesome relationship.


So, that’s your crash course in Cat Care 101. That is just the start although. Study, observe, prepare with love, and be an advocate to your cat.

Want Extra Info?

When you have questions on your cat’s well being or diet, seek the advice of your veterinarian. For extra info on cat conduct and coaching, confer with the best-selling books by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Pam’s books can be found at bookstores and on-line. We’ve included hyperlinks to Amazon right here on our web site.




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