Brushing boots? No, they’re shin pads… and 27 different humorous descriptions of horsey gadgets from the uninitiated


  • We could take as a right the wide selection of equestrian phrases now we have turn into acquainted with over time. Subsequently, it isn’t shocking when somebody utterly non-horsey conjures up their very own time period for equestrian actions and gear.

    Nevertheless, on reflection maybe their interpretation of horsey phrases isn’t foolish in spite of everything — they do precisely what they are saying on the tin (effectively kind of). Right here’s some examples…

    1. Brushing boots

    Used to guard a horse’s legs throughout train, defending the decrease leg from damage.
    Translated to: shin pads

    2. Bandages

    A sort of wrap used on the decrease legs of a horse.
    Translated to: leg heaters/socks

    3. Bridles/headcollars

    Headgear positioned across the head of a horse that holds the bit in place in a horse’s mouth, together with reins, used to direct and information the animal or a tool positioned on the pinnacle of an equine for the first objective of main or tying the animal.
    Translated to: hats

    4. Anti-rub vest

    A bit of clothes worn by the horse to stop hair elimination on account of a rug rubbing their shoulders.
    Translated to: horse bra

    5. Clipping

    Trimming the hair quick on all or a part of a horse, significantly in the course of the winter so {that a} horse can train with out getting too heat on account of its winter coat.
    Translated to: shaving

    6. Cooler rug

    A skinny blanket, generally with many small holes in it to assist a horse progressively return to its pure temperature after train.
    Translated to: string vest

    7. Cross-country

    An endurance take a look at requiring the horse to leap stable obstables.
    Translated to: the quick bit

    8. Dressage

    An equine sport based mostly on classical ideas of horsemanship, involving taking assessments designed to gauge the coaching degree of horses.
    Translated to: the dancing take a look at

    9. Feathers

    Lengthy hair on the fetlocks of horses.
    Translated to: horse trousers

    10. Area shelter

    A construction with one open aspect and a roof, typically made from wooden, situated within the discipline which a horse can stand in to keep away from wind and/or rain.
    Translated to: cabin

    11. Fly masks

    A bit of headgear worn by the horse to stop flies disrupting them.
    Translated to: blindfold/helmet

    12. Girth

    Huge, flat strap used to safe the saddle to the horse.
    Translated to: belt

    13. Palms (hh)

    A measurement of the peak of a horse (one hand is the same as 4 inches).
    Translated to: 13.7hh/16.5hh and so forth

    14. Haynet

    A vessel wherein hay is stuffed for horses to eat from.
    Translated to: hay bag/straw bag

    15. Jodhpurs

    Full-length trousers worn for horse driving, that are close-fitting under the knee and have strengthened patches on the within of the leg.
    Translated to: jodpoppers/yompers

    16. Soar-off

    An additional spherical in a showjumping competitors when two or extra horses are equal first, the quickest spherical deciding the winner.
    Translated to: the show-off

    17. Lycra hood

    A bit of kit the horse wears used to maintain their neck and head clear.
    Translated to: balaclava

    18. Martingale

    A bit of tack that’s used on horses to manage head carriage.
    Translated to: horse necklace

    19. Numnah

    A saddle pad used beneath the saddle to guard the horse’s again.
    Translated to: numnum, mumrah

    20. Reins

    An merchandise of horse tack, used to direct a horse or different animal used for driving or driving.
    Translated to: handles

    21. Rubber overreach boots

    A sort of protecting boot worn on the decrease limb of a horse to guard the underside of their legs and hooves.
    Translated to: flip flops

    22. Rug

    A blanket meant for retaining a horse heat or in any other case protected against wind and the weather.
    Translated to: coat/horse jacket/hoodie/mac

    23. Saddle

    A tool positioned on the again of a horse the place the rider sits.
    Translated to: seat

    24. Showjumping

    The aggressive sport of driving horses over a course of fences and different obstacles in an area, with penalty factors for errors.
    Translated to: the excessive soar

    25. Steady rug

    A blanket used to maintain the horse heat within the steady.
    Translated to: pyjamas

    26. Stirrups

    Paired small mild frames or rings for receiving the foot of a rider, connected to the saddle by a strap, referred to as a stirrup leather-based. Used to assist in mounting and as a help whereas driving.
    Translated to: pedals/foot pegs

    27. Journey boots

    A sort of boot used on the decrease legs of a horse to guard the animal whereas travelling.
    Translated to: Ugg boots/wellies

    28. Working trot

    The pure trot of the horse when below saddle. It’s a gait between the collected trot and medium trot.
    Translated to: strolling trot

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