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Red beets or beetroots

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Beets, often known as beetroot, backyard beet, and desk beet, are well-liked worldwide, however are you able to give them to your guinea pig? Typically, beets are secure for guinea pigs, however some elements have to be thought-about. Having all of the information about meals earlier than giving it to your pet is important. So, let’s have a look at the really helpful serving measurement and when it’s best to keep away from giving beets to your piggy!

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What Are the Advantages of Consuming Beets?

A guinea pig’s weight loss program ought to include all-they-can-eat grass hay, small quantities of economic pellets, and a wide range of contemporary greens each day. A kind of greens you’ll be able to rotate into the combination is beets. There are various advantages to introducing beets to your guinea pig’s weight loss program. Nevertheless it’s necessary to notice that they need to be loved plain—so no added salt or pickled beets, and solely serve them often.

The advantages of beets embody:

  • Calcium helps with bone progress and sustaining sturdy bones. It’s notably useful in case your guinea pig is pregnant, younger, or aged since they want slightly extra calcium.

  • Vitamin C boosts your guinea pig’s immunity and helps forestall scurvy since guinea pigs can’t produce their very own vitamin C.1

  • Phosphorus aids in balancing your piggy’s calcium consumption, but it surely should even be consumed moderately. Phosphorus and calcium work collectively within the progress and upkeep of bones.

  • Beets additionally comprise iron, which helps preserve the oxygen-carrying capability of blood. The antioxidants in beets additionally defend in opposition to free radicals and stop irritation, whereas the excessive quantities of fiber help with digestive issues like constipation.
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Do Guinea Pigs Like Beets?

Whereas they’re wholesome, you may also surprise if guinea pigs just like the style of beets. You’ll be pleased to be taught that the majority do! Some like them in chunks, whereas others favor it to be shredded. So, in case your guinea pig isn’t , attempt one other type as a result of it may not be the beets they dislike however the best way it’s been served.

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Dangers of Consuming Beets

Beets shouldn’t turn into a outstanding a part of your guinea pig’s weight loss program. Whereas most meals might be wholesome moderately, some, like beets, might be dangerous in the event you provide too many to your guinea pig. So, let’s have a look at why precisely.

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Too A lot Sugar

Beets have extra sugar than some different vegetable choices. Consuming numerous beets might trigger some digestive upset due to this, probably inflicting diarrhea. Additionally, consuming numerous excessive sugar meals over time can result in weight achieve. The additional energy introduced on by the sugar content material can enhance a guinea pig’s probabilities of turning into overweight and the opposite well being points that associate with that.

Digestive Issues

The excessive fiber in beets could cause digestive points like diarrhea and bloating if quite a bit are eaten. This may go away your pet feeling uncomfortable and trigger them to skip their major meal, which implies they’re lacking out on their required vitamins for the day. Control your guinea pig, and when introducing beets, begin small and examine their waste output. This may show you how to determine in the event that they want fewer beets or shouldn’t have any.

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The way to Serve Beets to Your Guinea Pig

One or two instances every week ought to be sufficient to your guinea pig, and an acceptable serving is one or two skinny slices. The way you serve it’s totally as much as you and your guinea pig. Simply make sure they’re served plain, with none further seasonings. The stalks and greens may also be eaten, however solely give them a small quantity, particularly in the event that they’ve already had the beetroot. A single leaf or an inch from the stalk will do.

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Closing Ideas

Guinea pigs can get pleasure from beets often. They’re a wholesome snack full of nutritional vitamins and minerals which are nice to your piggy! Nonetheless, an excessive amount of of any deal with could cause digestive points. When you’re not sure about serving beets to your guinea pig, run it by your veterinarian, who can advise you primarily based on the supreme cavy weight loss program.

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