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Guinea pigs are enjoyable pets that normally take pleasure in being dealt with and are simple to keep up. They eat primarily hay and related grasses, together with contemporary greens and the occasional fruit, which could trigger you to surprise if they will eat wheatgrass. Thankfully, guinea pigs can eat wheatgrass however you will need to take precautions. Hold studying as we listing the professionals and cons of feeding this meals to your pet and talk about the easiest way to serve it.

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The Guinea Pig Eating regimen


Guinea pigs are herbivores that eat solely plant matter. The majority of their weight-reduction plan ought to include high-quality hay. Timothy hay and orchard grass hay are two common choices that present important fiber, which may support in digestion. Hay can also be vital for carrying down guinea pigs’ repeatedly rising tooth, so they need to have fixed entry to it.

Contemporary Greens

Along with hay, guinea pigs ought to obtain a day by day serving of contemporary greens. Leafy greens like kale, romaine lettuce, and spinach present important nutritional vitamins and minerals that your pet wants. Different nice selections embody carrots, bell peppers, parsley, cucumber, and broccoli.

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Industrial Pellets

Industrial guinea pig pellets are a necessary a part of your pet’s weight-reduction plan. They supply a balanced mix of nutritional vitamins and minerals, however it is best to solely present them in small quantities, as they’re excessive in protein and should present extreme energy that may result in weight achieve.

Contemporary Water

Guinea pigs require entry to wash, contemporary water always to assist them keep hydrated.

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Advantages of Feeding Wheatgrass to Guinea Pigs

Wheatgrass is the brand new sprouts of the wheat plant and it has served as a well being meals for people for a few years. It could be even be seen as a form of well being meals for guinea pigs as nicely.


Wheatgrass has many vital vitamins, together with nutritional vitamins A, C, E, Okay and a few of the Bs. It additionally accommodates minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Fiber Content material

Wheatgrass is an effective supply of dietary fiber, which is essential for correct digestion in guinea pigs, serving to to forestall points like constipation and selling common bowel actions.

Low in Sugar

Wheatgrass is comparatively low in sugar, which is vital for guinea pigs as a result of they’re vulnerable to well being issues associated to extreme sugar consumption. It is because the additional energy can result in weight problems, joint issues, and diabetes.

Dental Well being

Chewing on wheatgrass may also help put on down your guinea pig’s repeatedly rising tooth, selling good dental well being.

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Potential Dangers of Feeding Wheatgrass to Guinea Pigs

Digestive Sensitivity

Guinea pigs can have delicate digestive techniques, and never all of them will tolerate wheatgrass nicely, particularly in giant portions. Some pets could expertise digestive points, together with diarrhea, after being launched to new meals, so beginning gradual is vital.

Allergy symptoms

Guinea pigs can have allergy symptoms to sure meals, together with wheatgrass, so look ahead to any indicators of reactions, similar to gastrointestinal misery the primary few instances that you just allow them to eat it.

Threat of Contaminants

If you are going to buy wheatgrass from an unreliable supply or if it’s not correctly washed and dealt with, it could comprise pesticides, herbicides, or different contaminants that might hurt your guinea pig.

Changing Important Meals

In case your guinea pig begins to desire wheatgrass over their important meals sources like hay, pellets, or contemporary greens, it might result in dietary imbalances. Wheatgrass shouldn’t substitute the important parts of your pet’s weight-reduction plan and may as an alternative be stored to smaller quantities.

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Storage and Freshness

Wheatgrass must be contemporary once you provide it to your guinea pig. Stale or wilted wheatgrass will not be as interesting to your pet and will trigger digestive points, particularly if mildew has begun to develop.

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How Can You Feed Wheatgrass to a Guinea Pig Safely?

  • Speak to your veterinarian earlier than including any new meals to your guinea pig’s weight-reduction plan to ensure it’s a protected and wholesome choice.

  • Begin with a small quantity when introducing wheatgrass to your guinea pig’s weight-reduction plan so you may watch their response and be certain that they tolerate it nicely.

  • Be sure that the wheatgrass that you just present is contemporary, as your guinea pig will likely be extra seemingly to present it a attempt.

  • Wash the wheatgrass completely earlier than providing it to your guinea pig to take away any potential contaminants, and keep away from utilizing dangerous pesticides in the event you develop it in your backyard.

  • Wheatgrass must be provided sparsely as an occasional deal with or complement, not as a main meals. Use it to enrich their staple weight-reduction plan of hay, contemporary greens, and pellets.

  • Minimize the wheatgrass into small, manageable items to make it simpler to your guinea pig to eat.

  • Provide your guinea pig contemporary water with the wheatgrass to assist with digestion and be certain that they keep hydrated.

  • Don’t restrict your guinea pig’s deal with choices to only wheatgrass. Often rotate totally different wholesome treats to supply selection and stop them from turning into too reliant on one sort of meals.

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Wheatgrass generally is a wholesome deal with to your guinea pig in the event you provide it sparsely. It has loads of helpful vitamins, like nutritional vitamins, minerals and a considerable amount of fiber whereas remaining comparatively low in energy. The draw back is that your pet may prefer it an excessive amount of in the event you allow them to have it usually, which may throw off their dietary steadiness, doubtlessly resulting in a dietary deficiency. Some guinea pigs might also have a delicate abdomen or allergy that stops them from consuming this grass, so it’s vital to look at them fastidiously the primary few instances for any points. You’ll want to clear the wheatgrass nicely earlier than serving it with the intention to take away pesticides and preservatives.

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