Girl Brings House Black Pit Bull When No One Else Would


When Caitlyn first met Candy Pea, she knew the black Pit Bull’s possibilities of discovering a endlessly residence have been slim. Black Pit Bulls usually are not a preferred breed to undertake, however Caitlyn couldn’t resist giving Candy Pea an opportunity at a brand new life. Discovered as a stray, Candy Pea was severely underweight, her abdomen sagging from overbreeding, and her ears bent backward – probably from a botched cropping try. Regardless, Caitlyn noticed one thing particular when she checked out Candy Pea; an unstated connection that will bond the 2 for the remainder of Candy Pea’s life.


From the second Caitlyn picked her up, Candy Pea’s large, terrified eyes revealed the emotional scars she carried. Caitlyn was decided to offer a protected and loving surroundings for Candy Pea to heal and develop. At first, Candy Pea was too scared to go away the home or go for walks. Nonetheless, when Caitlyn started bringing her different canine, Tater Tot, alongside on walks, Candy Pea slowly emerged from her shell.


Tater Tot, a dog-selective pup who Caitlyn had for 3 years, rapidly fell in love with Candy Pea. The 2 canines bonded over their shared anxieties and helped one another overcome their fears. These days, Candy Pea refuses to go for walks except your complete household is all collectively.

Regardless of her traumatic previous, Candy Pea has blossomed right into a loving and affectionate canine. She enjoys preserving her paws on her human’s hand, receiving head pats, and comforting her family members once they’re upset. The trio has turn out to be inseparable, with Candy Pea all the time following Tater Tot and Caitlyn wherever they go.


Whereas Candy Pea could not obtain many compliments from strangers, the employees at Dunkin’ Donuts have turn out to be followers of the lovely duo. Caitlyn believes that Pit Bulls like Candy Pea are sometimes misunderstood and never given a good likelihood. She has realized that numerous a canine’s conduct relies on the surroundings and the individual they’re with. When Caitlyn is calm, her canines are calm as effectively.

From April to October, Candy Pea underwent 5 surgical procedures, and there have been days when Caitlyn didn’t know if she would make it. Nonetheless, Candy Pea by no means gave up on herself, proving to be a resilient and hard canine. Caitlyn usually tells Candy Pea how grateful she is for her energy and perseverance.


Caitlyn, Tater Tot, and Candy Pea usually go to Caitlyn’s mother at work, the place there’s a huge discipline for the canines to play. Candy Pea will play with Tater Tot for a bit earlier than standing protectively subsequent to Caitlyn or her mother. Even off-leash, Candy Pea by no means strays removed from her household’s facet.

Having overcome her troublesome previous, Candy Pea now lives a contented life, having fun with easy pleasures like mendacity exterior within the sunshine. Her inspiring story is a testomony to the ability of affection, endurance, and understanding in serving to a traumatized canine heal and discover her bliss.

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