How Chilly Is Too Chilly for Cats?


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Cats originate from desert wildcats however they now reside in lots of international locations internationally. They reside in varied climates and have completely different life, equivalent to residing indoors versus outside. Cats are adaptable and resilient animals however that doesn’t imply that they will stand up to excessive temperatures. So how chilly is just too chilly for these as soon as desert-dwelling creatures?

Opposite to fashionable perception, cats can simply get chilly and even endure from hypothermia in excessive circumstances. Let’s talk about the whole lot that you have to learn about cats and chilly climate now.

Fast Overview


Cats can expertise signs of hypothermia when the temperature drops beneath 45 F.


If you’re feeling uncomfortably chilly, your cat is probably going feeling that approach too.


You possibly can assist feral cats throughout chilly spells by offering sheds and shelters with blankets and cat beds.

Regular Cat Physique Temperature

As a few of you might know, home cats originate from an African wildcat referred to as felis Sylvestris lybica. Because of this they lived within the desert and had been accustomed to heat, dry climates. They now reside everywhere in the world and have tailored to residing in many various temperatures.

Nonetheless, cats don’t thrive in all temperatures. The conventional physique temperature of a cat varies from 100.5 F to 102.5 F. This may differ from cat to cat, however usually, in case your cat’s temperature is larger than this vary, they could have a fever. Equally, if it’s a lot beneath this vary, they’re too chilly.

A cat’s regular physique temperature is larger than a human’s, which varies between 97 F and 99 F. Cats can start to indicate indicators of hypothermia if their temperature goes beneath 99 F. From this we all know that cats wish to reside in the identical temperatures that we do, however want it barely hotter.

No matter is a snug temperature for you is more likely to be comparable on your cat. When you discover a temperature too sizzling or too chilly, your cat might be feeling the consequences of it too.

How Chilly Is Too Chilly for Cats?

Cats can tolerate many various temperatures, particularly feral cats that reside solely outside. They’ve thick coats that assist shield them from the weather. Nonetheless, temperatures beneath 45 levels F are usually too chilly for cats.

Under this temperature, cats begin to really feel the consequences of hypothermia and are even in danger for frostbite. If the climate is especially windy or moist and their fur will get moist, cats have an elevated danger of creating hypothermia. They will develop into very chilly even earlier than the temperature dips beneath 45 F.

Many individuals most likely marvel how this may be when generally feral cats reside outside at colder temperatures. It’s true that feral cats usually reside in temperatures colder than 45 F. Some reside in even below-freezing temperatures. Cats can reside at these temperatures, notably cats which might be used to residing exterior and are extra resilient.

However cats simply develop into unwell from this life-style and it’s uncomfortable for them to reside in such chilly circumstances. It’s well-known that cats that reside exterior have a shorter life expectancy than indoor cats. Excessive climate circumstances together with the chance of damage and trauma are related to this.

Inside the house, temperatures between 60 F and 70 F are sometimes snug temperatures for cats. Temperatures beneath this start to get chilly for them they usually might hunt down heat blankets to cuddle into or sit by the radiator.

Variations in Cats

Captivating image of a long-haired cat with luxurious fur, showcasing its intricate coat pattern and flowing locks.

Like individuals, particular person cats have particular person wants primarily based on quite a few elements about them equivalent to age, breed, and coat kind.

These temperatures are solely a suggestion they usually gained’t be the identical for each cat. Sure elements have an effect on the temperature that cats can address. These embrace the cat’s age, well being, breed, and coat kind. For instance, cats which have well being points or are very younger or previous might be much less possible to deal with colder temperatures. They might really feel the consequences of this even when temperatures are above 45 F.

Cats which might be long-haired or have double coats are capable of tolerate the chilly greater than breeds with quick hair. Breeds such because the Maine Coon and Siberian cat can tolerate chilly temperatures effectively whereas hairless cats such because the Sphynx are unable to tolerate colder temperatures and must be saved indoors.

These elements must be saved in thoughts when pondering of what temperatures are too chilly on your particular person cat. Older, sick, or hairless cats want additional warming throughout low temperatures and to be saved indoors. When you’re doubtful, get recommendation out of your veterinarian.

Indicators {That a} Cat Is Too Chilly

Under 45 F, cats begin to really feel the consequences of the chilly temperatures. Cats with underlying circumstances or which might be older will really feel them sooner. In case your cat is chilly, they’ll begin to hunt down warmth and attempt to cuddle below blankets or sit by a warmth supply, like a range or radiator.

If cats get too chilly they’ll possible begin to present some indicators equivalent to;

Indicators of extreme hypothermia embrace;

In case your cat is chilly you have to heat them up. In the event that they’re displaying indicators of hypothermia, you have to contact your veterinarian as quickly as doable and comply with their directions.

How To Heat Up Your Cat

If it’s notably chilly exterior, you have to try to maintain your cat heat. Even indoors it may possibly get very chilly with excessive outside temperatures. Use heat blankets and sizzling water bottles (with a masking), and crank up the thermostat if it’s very chilly exterior.

When you use electrical heating pads or blankets, by no means go away them turned on if you’re not there. When cats are chilly, they will burn extra energy so you might must feed them extra cat meals and even heat it up for them.

In case your cat goes outside, maintain them inside when it’s very chilly. This gained’t be doable with feral cats however it ought to be doable with cats which might be tame.

Feral Cats within the Chilly

shelters for feral cats

There are steps that may be taken to attempt to take care of feral cats when the climate is chilly and harsh exterior, equivalent to shelters.

Feral cats reside exterior all yr spherical and it isn’t doable to convey them inside as they might be too scared indoors. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to create some heat options for outside cats in the course of the winter months. Encourage them to sleep in a storage or shed by placing a heat, cozy cat mattress and a few yummy meals in there. In the event that they gained’t go right into a storage or shed, you can also make a comfy insulated kennel or cat home for them to sleep in.

Feral cats must be fed loads of meals throughout chilly months to maintain their energy up. Heat their meals as much as maintain them additional heat.

To Summarize

Cats are resilient pets however this doesn’t imply that they’re resistant to chilly temperatures. They really feel the chilly similar to we do and temperatures below 45 F are uncomfortable and even doubtlessly harmful for them. Encourage cats that go exterior to remain indoors and supply loads of heat beds. When you take care of feral cats, encourage them to sleep in garages or sheds. If that fails, present heat insulated cat kennels outside for them.

Cats which might be chilly ought to be fed loads of meals and you may heat this barely to assist maintain them heat. Cats which might be affected by hypothermia will usually be torpid, chilly to the contact, and stiff. Name your emergency vet immediately when you assume your cat has hypothermia. Lastly, do not forget that when you really feel chilly it’s possible that your cat is just too. Take the required measures to assist them throughout chilly spells.

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Steadily Requested Questions

How do I do know if my cat is just too chilly?

Cats will usually be chilly if temperatures outside are beneath 45 levels F or if temperatures indoors are beneath 60 levels F. They might cuddle up in blankets or really feel chilly to the contact. Present loads of heat beds and warmth sources if it’s chilly exterior and encourage them to remain inside.

Are cats OK exterior within the winter?

Feral cats reside exterior in winter and might be OK supplied they’ve entry to insulated cat homes and are fed loads of meals. Pet cats ought to be saved indoors when the temperatures are beneath 45 F.

What temperature is unsafe for cats?

Any temperature beneath 45 F might be unsafe and trigger hypothermia in cats. Indicators of hypothermia embrace shivering, feeling chilly to the contact, lethargy, and shallow respiratory. Name your emergency vet instantly in case your cat is displaying indicators of hypothermia.

Will my cat be OK exterior all evening?

Some cats do keep exterior all evening however they’re at elevated danger of damage and temperatures are colder at evening. Maintain your cat inside at evening time when you can.


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