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Striped baby kitten on a blanket

Picture Courtesy of Alison Gottlieb, BS, CVT, VTS(ECC)

Kittens are cute, tiny creatures who present hours of leisure. They nap within the strangest locations, purr, cuddle, play, discover their environment, and develop bonds with these they reside with. For probably the most half, that is an correct portrayal of life with kittens, and their occasional mischievous antics are simply forgiven resulting from their attraction. Nonetheless, there’s one habits that may generally take a look at your endurance: biting.

Understanding the explanations kittens exhibit biting habits is essential for efficiently navigating this section. The kitten biting section is completely regular, and with applicable dealing with, it stays a section. If not addressed accurately, it might develop right into a extra important challenge in grownup cats.

Why Do Kittens Chew?

  1. Exploration: Like many different species, kittens discover their world utilizing their mouths as one in all their main senses. It’s a pure a part of their early improvement. Moreover, teething can result in biting as incoming enamel trigger discomfort.
  2. Predatory Instincts: Kittens are born with searching instincts, and biting is a basic a part of their searching expertise. As they develop, they have a tendency to apply these expertise on transferring objects, together with human palms and ft.
  3. Play: Play is important for kittens’ improvement, however in addition they have to be taught when play is just too tough. Studying what is just too tough is a crucial lesson typically taught by siblings and housemates. With out different cats or canine, people change into the educators.
  4. Setting Boundaries: Kittens could chew to speak boundaries. This can be a response to being on the receiving finish of tough play with different pets and people in the home. Biting could be a method of expressing that they don’t wish to have interaction in play or interplay at that second.
  5. Worry: Worry can add to a kitten’s biting habits. Biting serves as a protection when confronted with scary conditions. Take note with each kitten, as courageous as they appear, every little thing is a brand new expertise with the potential to be scary.
  6. Consideration-In search of: Kittens could chew to achieve consideration. In the event that they obtain consideration or a powerful response after they chew, it may possibly change into a enjoyable sport to get extra consideration and go the time in the course of the day.


Understanding the explanations behind kitten biting doesn’t make the discomfort of these tiny enamel any much less painful, however it does assist forestall them from involving you of their biting video games. Stopping undesirable habits begins with the fundamentals, together with offering high-quality diet, clear and accessible litter bins, protected areas, elevated spots, and affection.

Offering applicable toys and playtime is essential in stopping painful interactions. Interactive play permits kittens to be taught, train, and fulfill their searching instincts. Stuffed toys or wands with feathers are glorious options to human palms and ft. Toys may even be made by stuffing lengthy socks or buying bigger kitten-specific toys, permitting your kitten to seize, chew, and kick. Psychological stimulation can also be important. Retailer purchased or do-it-yourself puzzle feeders can have interaction hungry kittens and encourage the event of psychological and searching expertise.

Making It Cease

Whereas biting throughout play or attention-seeking is regular for kittens, the bottom line is the response they obtain. If a kitten begins to chew, instantly cease the exercise and disengage. This teaches them that biting results in the tip of enjoyable. The identical may be stated for attention-seeking biting. Giving them any response can train them biting will get them the eye they’re searching for. Use one of many toys listed above to redirect and supply an applicable biting exercise. 

When concern is the reason for biting, take away the stressor. Biting often stops as soon as the supply of concern is gone. Keep in mind that kittens discover new experiences scary, so introduce them slowly. Create a low-stress setting with hiding areas to assist scale back total kitten stress.

What To Keep away from

Punishment shouldn’t be really useful because it limits talent improvement and should harm the bond along with your kitten. Take note these are regular behaviors for growing kittens they usually merely should be taught the suitable outlet. Punishment doesn’t present the entire lesson. Loud noises, water squirting, and pushing your kitten away are additionally discouraged, as they will result in different undesirable behaviors.

Encouraging tough or mouthing play can reinforce these tendencies and probably end in biting behaviors in grownup cats. Present a protected setting with loads of play, affection, and important wants met to construct a powerful, lifelong bond along with your kitten.

If biting turns into extreme or the above methods don’t enhance, search steering out of your veterinarian or their group.


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