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curved nail board 1 (Brighter).jpg

A photo of a piece of PVC cut lenghthwise

A minimize piece of PVC pipe makes a superbly curved scratchboard. Picture Courtesy Barb Deg, RVT, CDBC, CPDT-KA, CSAT

Educating your canine to make use of a nail board can scale back the stress of nail upkeep. You might marvel learn how to get these pesky dewclaws.

As soon as your canine is aware of learn how to use a nail board for his or her entrance ft, they’ll adapt their expertise for his or her dewclaws. This may increasingly take slightly extra work initially.

You will want:

  •  A non-slip floor
  •  Excessive-value treats
  •  A curved nail board acceptable for the diameter of your canine’s paw

A curved scratchboard is created by slicing PVC pipe, a can, or a bucket in half. The fabric also needs to be sufficiently sturdy so it doesn’t bend. Apply stair tread or skateboard grip tape to each the within and out of doors. The dewclaw ought to are available contact with the perimeters when the canine’s paw is inside. 

dewclaw outer (Brighter).jpg

Dog begins to touch the scratchboard

Picture Courtesy of Barb Deg, RVT, CDBC, CPDT-KA, CSAT

dewclaw scratch 2 (Brighter).jpg

Dog with right foot up on the scratchboard

Picture Courtesy Barb Deg, RVT, CDBC, CPDT-KA, CSAT

  • Begin by presenting the curved scratch board to your canine and provides the cue you utilize for the entrance foot scratchboard. Mark and reward any scratching makes an attempt.
  • Alter the angle of the scratchboard as you maintain it in order that the dewclaw is available in contact with the floor. 
  • In case your canine struggles with scratching on the within floor of the scratchboard, you may train them to scratch the surface.
  • To work with the surface of the curved scratchboard, current it to your canine vertically and provides the cue. When your canine scratches, mark and reward. With every repetition, rotate the angle of the board in order that the dewclaw is in touch with the board if wanted. 
  • Mark just for the dewclaw contacts. Reinforce generously as your canine works to determine what a part of their paw is being rewarded. You might want to scale back your standards barely in case your canine struggles in order that they don’t lose curiosity within the sport. They’ll start to purposely intention to have their dewclaw contact the floor. 

Nail upkeep can go from a dreaded occasion to a enjoyable sport together with your canine.

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