Olga and the Vacuum: How I Helped Her Cope


Though she will tolerate thunderstorms and dangerous music, Olga isn’t keen on the vacuum cleaner and isn’t alone. Most cats appear frightened of it. Nonetheless, through the years, she’s change into much less scared of vacuuming and doesn’t conceal like she used to. She nonetheless cowers below the coach when my neighbors set off fireworks, however the vacuum cleaner isn’t as scary to her. Most cat house owners are unlikely to persuade their felines to get pleasure from vacuuming, and till somebody invents a silent mannequin, we are able to solely assist them tolerate the loud machine.

Olga’s Response to Vacuuming as a Younger Cat

Olga is seven years previous, and after I adopted her, she was nonetheless a kitten. It took a number of years earlier than she may keep in the identical room after I was vacuuming, and he or she used to run as quickly as I switched it on. Generally, after I turned the vacuum cleaner off to maneuver one thing, she would swipe on the wire dangling from the outlet.

I don’t suppose she realized that destroying the wire would harm the machine and forestall it from scary her, however she hated it a lot that she was merely taking out her aggression on the wire. When my Siamese cat tore up the wire, I needed to restore my previous vacuum with electrical tape.
Houses are stuffed with loud home equipment and machines, however the vacuum is especially annoying to cats. Its motor is louder than most indoor machines, and the suction energy is so sturdy that it blows the curtains round when it passes by.

How I Helped Olga Cope (and Methods You Might Be In a position to Assist a Cat Who’s Petrified of the Vacuum)

Olga thinking about getting closer to the vacuum
Olga occupied with getting nearer to the vacuum whereas it isn’t in movement…

I found that turning the vacuum on in one other room was higher than beginning it close to Olga. It’s much less threatening to her when the noisy machine isn’t close to her when it’s working. I additionally adopted my veterinarian’s recommendation and left the vacuum cleaner in the lounge for a number of days as a substitute of storing it within the closet. Nonetheless, it’s finest to make sure the wire is wrapped up and safe, or your cat could attempt to harm it.
After realizing it wouldn’t come to life and tear round the home, Olga constructed sufficient braveness to look at it. Now, after I vacuum, she sits on a chair or sofa and watches it carefully however doesn’t run and conceal.

Olga’s Different Fears and How I Attempt to Assist

Olga dislikes the sound of ice dice trays being emptied and the sound of rubbish baggage whenever you open them up. I attempted a way I used to get her accustomed to nail cutting, and it appears to have helped. When she turns into anxious or provides me her “I’m irritated” meow, I say, “It’s okay, Olga,” and if she doesn’t run away, I give her a deal with.

Now, I say, “It’s okay,” when she begins to run as I pull out a rubbish bag, and he or she stops. I now not give her the tasty reward, however she’s much less afraid of rubbish baggage and ice cubes and now not hides. What you say to your cat to consolation them isn’t necessary, however utilizing a higher-pitched, optimistic tone appears to assist.

Olga and Christopher sitting on the chair

In case you have a cat that’s fearful of the vacuum, or fearful of different issues, we suggest the next readings that will help you and your kitty cope:

In case you have any methods you have got helped your cat deal with the vacuum, we’d love in the event you may share your ideas and tips within the Fb remark part to assist different cat house owners and their feline associates.


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