Pitt Peregrine Alumni is Nesting at Sewickley Bridge


Peregrine at Sewickley Bridge, 16 Could 2023 (picture by Jeff Cieslak)

14 April 2024

The Sewickley Bridge has hosted single peregrines since 2017 however a pair was not common there till early 2021. In some unspecified time in the future observers seen that one of many pair is banded however who may learn the bands?

Banded male peregrine at Sewickley Bridge, 6 June 2023 (picture by Jeff Cieslak)

And the place was this pair nesting on the bridge?

This spring Jeff Cieslak answered each questions. He photographed a nest change wherein the male took over incubation and the feminine left the nest.

Peregrine nest change at Sewickley Bridge, 25 March 2024 (picture by Jeff Cieslak)

And he acquired a photograph of the male’s bands.

[The male] was on the close to tower so I solely needed to stroll half-way throughout the bridge (so the solar was behind me). As quickly as I ended, he began to scratch his face, and his bands rotated sufficient and had been centered sufficient that I feel I can learn them. They’re upside-down, so it’s “black 0 5 (or 6) over inexperienced S (or 5) 6.”

Jeff Cieslak in Our Each day Chook, 4 Feb 2024

Banded male peregrine at Sewickley Bridge (Black/inexperienced, 05/S) on 4 Feb 2024 (picture by Jeff Cieslak)

The bands are Black/Inexperienced 05/S and he used to nest on the Neville Island I-79 Bridge (a.ok.a. the Glenwood Bridge) till it was boarded up for building in 2020 for greater than three years. At Neville Island I-79 he was nicknamed Beau by website monitor Anne Marie Bosnyak.

Neville Island I-79 Bridge wrapped for building, 2023 (picture embedded from Beaver County Instances)

Beau didn’t transfer far to discover a new nest website and he didn’t transfer removed from his birthplace. He hatched on the Cathedral of Leaning in 2010 to folks Dorothy and E2. I do know for positive that he’s undoubtedly 05/S as a result of his brother 06/S, nicknamed Inexperienced Boy, died within the Webster Corridor chimney in June 2010.

Beau is now 14 yrs outdated however he has longevity in his genes. His mom Dorothy lived to be 16 and his grandad Louie from Downtown lived to be 17 and bred efficiently at third Ave in his seventeenth 12 months. (Beau’s father, E2, was hit by a automotive in 2016 so we are able to’t understand how lengthy he would have naturally lived.)

Learn concerning the first time we recognized Beau, Black/Inexperienced 05/S, on this classic article.

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