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orange kitten in blue cat box

Q: I’m getting a kitten. What sort of litter field ought to I get?

 A: Making the correct litter field alternative is extra than simply look. It performs an essential position in cat habits and house-soiling prevention.

Measurement Issues

  • Select a bigger field. Cats choose a spacious space for digging and protecting.
  • Make sure the field can comfortably accommodate your cat’s measurement, ideally 1 1/2 occasions the size of the cat from nostril to base of the tail.
  • Cats ought to be capable of flip round within the field with out touching the edges.

Litter Depth and Kind:

  • Cats have a pure digging habits.
  • Two to 3 inches of litter permits them to cowl effectively.
  • Non-scented, clay, clumping litter is commonly greatest.
  • Some cats might not like crystals, pellets, or wooden shaving-type litter.

Varieties of Litter Packing containers

  • Self-cleaning containers may be handy however may scare some cats.
  • Hooded containers present privateness, however be sure that there may be correct air circulation.
  • Open containers are usually extra accepted however present much less privateness.

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Three different types of litter boxes

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covered litter box

How Many Packing containers?

  • Observe the golden rule: variety of cats + 1.
  • In multi-cat households, put containers in numerous places to provide choices and to forestall territorial disputes.

Location is Key

  • Select a quiet, low-traffic space.
  • Have a minimal of 1 field per degree of the home.
  • Preserve the field away from feeding zones.
  • Guarantee quick access and escape routes.

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a litterbox with access stairs


  • Conventional containers require guide cleansing.
  • Select a field that’s straightforward to wash.
  • Day by day scooping retains the field contemporary and encourages utilization.
  • The field needs to be emptied and washed weekly with non-scented dish detergent.
  • Litter needs to be changed as wanted.
  • Keep away from utilizing litter field liners as a result of some cats don’t like the texture or odor.

Particular Concerns

  • For cats that are inclined to kick litter out, use high-sided containers and think about inserting a litter-trapping mat underneath the field.
  • Aged or arthritic cats may profit from ramps or decrease sides.
  • Some cats is perhaps delicate to sure field supplies or odors.

Each cat is exclusive. It would take trial and error to search out the proper match.

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