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bNorris stationing2.jpg

Photot of yellow cocker spaniel sitting on a platform

Picture Courtesy Breanna Norris, KPA, CTP

Stationing or platform coaching is a ability usually utilized in canine coaching, zoos, or aquariums. It is a vital ability for even puppies to study. Station coaching is just like educating a keep or wait in a particular space. For puppies, use barely elevated stations so they don’t want to leap on or off the platform. A selfmade picket sq. about three inches off the bottom works effectively. Plastic or picket platforms can be bought.

Stationing is a life ability. As soon as your canine understands this conduct, the station or platform is a spot to place their leash and collar on or off, for grooming,  to attend whereas the door is open, or to have their muddy toes wiped. Puppies who study to attend on platforms additionally rapidly study to step on a scale on the veterinary clinic and keep on a grooming desk.

To show this ability, break the conduct down into these components:

  • Step on the platform.
  • Stroll or run to the platform.
  • Keep on the platform.
  • Get off the platform.

Start by staying close to the platform and lure your pet to place a paw on the platform. Some puppies could also be cautious at first. Go at their tempo and ensure the platform is safe, nonslip, and huge sufficient for them to face or sit on comfortably. Reinforce the smallest effort of strolling in the direction of the platform by providing a high-value deal with till, finally, they put all 4 paws on the station.

As soon as they will comfortably stand on the platform, feed a number of treats in a row, one after the opposite, slowly lengthening the time that they’re on the platform. Improve time slowly as a result of even a couple of seconds are lengthy to your pet. 

Subsequent, stroll or run together with your pet to the platform and feed them after they get there. Make this a enjoyable sport. With every repetition, reinforce for one, two, three, after which all 4 paws on the platform. As soon as they’ve efficiently gone to the platform and might keep there for a couple of seconds, add a cue.

bNorris Stationing1.jpg

 Liver and white springer spaniel on blue mat

Picture Courtesy Breanna Norris, KPA, CTP

Earlier than shifting together with your canine towards the platform, give the cue akin to, “Go to your spot!” or “Platform”. Then, go to the platform and provides a couple of treats as soon as your canine is on the station. 

After a couple of profitable repetitions, say the cue and pause, then run to the platform. Your pet will start to go to the platform after listening to the cue with out you working with them. Comply with them to the platform and reward them in place. Slowly improve the period they keep on the platform by growing the interval between treats. As soon as they’ve discovered to remain on the platform, educate a launch to point that stationing is completed. Whereas luring them off or tossing a deal with, use a verbal cue akin to, “All completed!” or “The tip”.

Listed here are a couple of ideas for profitable station coaching together with your pet:

  • Preserve coaching classes below two minutes together with your pet, and make sure you hold the coaching upbeat. 
  • Be beneficiant with small, high-value treats, and hold a optimistic angle as you prepare.
  • Earlier than including different dealing with actions, make sure that your pet is comfy with that activity off the platform. Don’t add something scary whereas on the platform; in any other case, the platform can be scary, too.
  • When including any dealing with or different behaviors for stationing, make sure that your pet has mastered staying on the platform till launched. As you add one other dealing with exercise, lower the time and be beneficiant with treats.


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