The best way to Cease My Canine From Chasing Squirrels

It’s regular for canine to chase squirrels and different small animals! On this article, I’ll share some concepts for methods to cease a canine from chasing squirrels in your yard, on walks or on trails.

Why do canine chase squirrels?

Some canine have the next prey drive than others, relying on their breed and character. 

Beagles are bred for monitoring and chasing rabbits, for instance. Springer spaniels are bred for flushing birds. Many terriers had been initially bred for catching rodents.

Different canine breeds are bred for pointing, monitoring or chasing prey!

Due to this, it isn’t doable or honest to attempt to take away a canine’s intuition for chasing squirrels and different small animals. As an alternative, you may attempt to handle your canine’s squirrel chasing the very best you may. 

Is it unhealthy if my canine chases squirrels?

No, it’s not unhealthy in case your canine chases squirrels until it’s a conduct that you don’t like. 

For many of us, squirrel chasing isn’t a giant deal, however there are some eventualities the place chasing squirrels is likely to be an issue:

  • For those who don’t have a fenced yard and your canine chases squirrels into the highway.
  • In case your yard is barking at squirrels and driving the neighbors loopy.
  • Your canine is obsessive about squirrels throughout walks and pulls laborious on the leash.
  • The canine chases squirrels in off-leash areas and may’t be trusted.

The best way to cease my canine from chasing squirrels within the yard

Stop dog from chasing squirrelsStop dog from chasing squirrels

Take your canine out on a leash for potty breaks

If it’s good to cease your canine from chasing squirrels within the yard, then it’s good to take away her alternative to chase squirrels.

That is easy however takes a whole lot of work in your finish.

You’ll must take your canine out on a leash for her potty breaks – for now.

This doesn’t must be endlessly however will have to be finished for a few weeks or months whilst you work on coaching. 

You’re blocking your canine from chasing squirrels by maintaining her on a leash. This stops the conduct from being bolstered. 

Once you do see squirrels and your canine is on a leash, you may say “go away it” and reward your canine with meals for taking a look at you.

Use an extended leash and high-valued treats to cease canine from chasing squirrels

An everyday leash is ok at first, but it surely’s greatest to get a 20 or 30-foot lengthy line finally. This may give your canine extra freedom to make selections. That method you may reward him for selecting to not chase squirrels or appropriate him if he does.

Let your canine wander across the yard when you recognize there is likely to be squirrels round. 

As soon as you notice a squirrel, step on the leash and get your canine’s consideration with the treats. Say “watch me” or “right here” or no matter cue you need to use.

Reward your canine for taking a look at you rather than the squirrel. 

It’s simpler for those who’re capable of stand between your canine and the squirrel and transfer in direction of your canine, even bumping into him to get him to again up or sit.

Maintain the deal with proper as much as your canine’s nostril, if wanted. Hold popping small treats into his mouth as he pays consideration to you and ignores the squirrel. “Good boy.”

Observe day by day for a few weeks

Your canine’s conduct isn’t going to vary in a single day. The extra you reward your canine for taking a look at you rather than the squirrels, the extra this conduct will get bolstered.

Attempt to observe for a number of quick periods every day, if doable.

You will have to make use of very high-valued meals at first. It may very well be sizzling canine, hen, floor beef, steak or salmon. 

As your canine is profitable, you might be able to use common treats however hold mixing it up with some high-valued treats from time to time!

You’ll have to be out within the yard supervising your canine for her train or discover different methods for her to get train akin to lengthy walks.

Work in your canine’s basic obedience

Sure, that is boring but it surely’s essential! 

In case your canine doesn’t come when known as or keep when informed when there are not any distractions, how will you count on him to take action round massive distractions akin to squirrels?

Work on fundamental obedience like come, keep, sit, down and heel out within the yard when there are squirrels round. Hold your canine on a leash and use high-valued treats so he might be profitable.

An obedient canine has extra self management!

Enhance your canine’s train

Most of our canine want extra train. In case your canine is having a difficulty with chasing squirrels, it should solely assist him out for those who’re capable of present him with sufficient train. 

That most likely means longer and extra frequent walks than he’s already getting.

Present your canine with acceptable methods to chase and sniff

Present your canine with one other method to make use of his prey instincts. This may very well be taking part in fetch, utilizing a “flirt pole” toy or signing up for a nosework class or “barn hunt” class.

Generally video games of fetch or utilizing a flirt pole get the canine much more “riled” up as a substitute of tiring him out or enjoyable him. If that’s the case, hold the sport to a brief session of 5 or 10 minutes and do some calming work along with your canine like engaged on down and keep earlier than and after the sport.

Nosework is commonly enjoyable to canine. In nosework, your canine learns to seek out numerous scents or odors in numerous environments. 

And within the sport of “barn hunt” they get to search for precise rats in a managed setting.

Lastly, one of many easiest methods to offer your canine alternative to smell is to place him on an extended leash and scatter some meals or treats in a discipline for him to seek out. This may very well be an empty soccer discipline and even in your individual yard.

The best way to cease my canine from chasing squirrels throughout walks

You won’t thoughts in case your canine chases squirrels within the yard, however what about when he obsesses about squirrels throughout walks?

Listed here are some concepts that may assist.

My canine pulls when he sees squirrels! What to do?

Stroll him the place there are not any animals

As a short lived resolution, stroll your canine the place there are not any squirrels or at a time of day when the squirrels are much less energetic. I notice that is simpler mentioned than finished. 

As you’re employed on coaching your canine, stroll him in areas with increasingly more potential distractions.

Use the precise “no-pull” machine to cease canine from chasing squirrels

Lots of people stroll their canine on a daily buckle collar or on a daily harness with a clip on the again. This makes it very simple for the canine to tug you round, even in case you have a small canine!

As an alternative, utilizing a no-pull machine could also be all it’s good to get somewhat extra management of your canine on walks.

The choices for “no pull” instruments are countless. It’s important to select what works greatest for you and your canine.

Instruments akin to prong collars and slip collars have a nasty rap as being “punishing” or “aversive” instruments. And that may be true. Nonetheless, the canine will get to resolve what’s aversive to him. We don’t get to resolve for him.

For instance, my canine love their prong collars. It means they’re going for a stroll! They don’t love their no-pull harnesses or their Light Leaders.

The harnesses and the Light Leaders really feel extra limiting to my canine and that’s the reason they may really stroll the opposite method after I get out these instruments.

No pull harnessNo pull harness

We’ve articles on all of those instruments right here on That Mutt for those who want extra info.

Some choices for “no pull” devises to strive:

  • Martingale collar
  • Slip collar
  • Prong collar
  • No-pull harness akin to EasyWalk harness
  • Light Chief or Halti

I like to recommend a leather-based leash vs. a nylon leash or retractable leash. Leather-based leashes are simpler to grip and also will offer you extra management. 

Nylon tends to slip by way of your fingers and retractable lashes are a nasty concept in case you have a canine who likes to bolt after prey.

Carry a deal with bag and treats to cease squirrel chasing

Carry high-valued treats in your stroll in a deal with pouch. Excessive-valued treats may very well be items of cheese, ham, hen, and so forth.

Once you see a squirrel, get your canine’s consideration on the meals and reward him for taking a look at you. 

Pop a number of small treats in his mouth as he appears to be like at you rather than the squirrel and hold transferring ahead. 

After we cease transferring, it makes it simpler for the canine to cease and fixate on the squirrel. It’s normally simpler for the canine to disregard the squirrel if we hold transferring.

Flip and stroll the opposite course

Generally it’s useful to show and stroll the opposite course when your canine is fixated on a squirrel, chook or rabbit. It’s simpler to do a “u-turn” the place you flip into your canine (vs away out of your canine), gently bumping him again as you flip and get him to stroll with you.

Maintain a deal with proper at your canine’s nostril as you do that.

Stopping a canine from chasing squirrels takes time

Your canine will want a number of coaching periods over a number of weeks or months to beat the difficulty of squirrel chasing, so keep it up. Be constant and observe your plan.

In case you are not seeing progress, contemplate hiring a canine coach who can work with you and your canine one on one for a coaching session or two.

The best way to cease my canine from chasing squirrels whereas mountain climbing 

How to stop dog from chasing squirrelsHow to stop dog from chasing squirrels

Relying in your particular canine and the setting, you might have to hold your canine on a leash indefinitely whenever you go to sure parks or trails.

Nonetheless, there could also be sure off-leash areas the place you need to work on coaching your canine. If that’s the case, I like to recommend you begin with an extended leash and carry high-valued treats in a deal with pouch. Lengthy leashes work higher when there will not be a whole lot of different canine operating round.

Give your canine treats only for checking in with you, even when there are not any squirrels round.

Once you do see a squirrel and your canine chooses to take a look at you rather than chase the squirrel, give him a “jackpot” of treats and plenty of reward. 

If it looks as if he’s going to go after the squirrel, then step on the lengthy leash and attempt to get his consideration again on you. Reward him for doing so. 

You might have to run in the other way with a view to be extra attention-grabbing than the squirrel! Reward him for following you.

Put a bear bell in your canine

Since we reside in bear nation, typically I clip a bear bell to my canine’s collar after we are mountain climbing. That is imagined to make sufficient noise to warn a bear that we’re developing the path – to keep away from startling the bear. 

A bell can even work to scare off different wildlife like deer, rabbits and squirrels earlier than you and your canine get shut sufficient to set off your canine’s prey drive. That is simply an choice to contemplate. 

I additionally like that the bell on my canine warns different canine, hikers or bikers that we’re approaching, particularly when my canine is off leash.

Work on coming when known as basically

Make a degree to observe coming when known as extra typically in all types of eventualities however the place you recognize your canine will pay attention and achieve success. 

Give a giant reward, no matter meals or toy he loves, or launch him to return to taking part in (when doable). It’s good to proceed constructing a stable reinforcement historical past of him coming when known as. 

Utilizing an e-collar to cease a canine from chasing squirrels

You do not need to make use of an e-collar to cease your canine from chasing squirrels, however it’s an choice for those who select to go that route.

The e-collar is difficult as a result of a canine is in such a riled-up frame of mind, he’ll want a tougher correction to even discover it. Below no distractions, he would possible reply to a gentle correction/vibrate. 

So that may take somewhat determining to get the correction stage proper for him. 

For those who select to make use of an e-collar, you desire a high-quality model akin to Garmin or SportDog. Take a look at the correction stage in your wrist first so you recognize what stage your canine will obtain. You need to be comfy along with your resolution and know you aren’t hurting your canine.

Give a correction instantly when your canine goes after the squirrel after which reward/meals when he focuses on you. 

You’ll be able to pair “go away it!” with the correction, particularly in case your canine already is aware of “go away it.” 

As soon as he breaks focus from the squirrel for even a second, actually reward and reward him.

Observe that some canine, like sure hounds, can have such a excessive prey drive that they might seem to disregard any stage of correction. In that case, the e-collar route might not work.

Do not forget that chasing small animals is pure to a whole lot of canine and we are able to solely do the very best we are able to to attempt to handle squirrel chasing.

What else would you add to this listing?

Within the feedback, please share what has or hasn’t labored in your canine. Will probably be useful for others scuffling with methods to cease a canine from chasing squirrels.

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