The Labrahuahua (Breed & Care Details)

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One of many newest traits within the hybrid canine breed world is the Chihuahua Lab combine, also called the Labrahuahua. The Labrahuahua is an cute mixture of the Chihuahua and Labrador retriever canine breeds.

Amusingly, the Labrahuahua seems as if a Labrador had been squashed right down to the scale of a Chihuahua. Though they’re small, this cute hybrid has an enormous character and a coronary heart full of affection.

Labrahuahuas want loads of consideration and train and are higher suited to a household setting the place no less than one particular person works from residence so they aren’t left alone recurrently for hours at a time.

Chihuahua Lab Mix

Learn on to seek out out extra about this superior little Lab Chihuahua combine.

Essential Traits Of A Chihuahua Lab Combine

Earlier than we get into the main points, let’s take a fast take a look at the principle traits of the Labrahuahua.

Dad or mum breeds: Chihuahua and Labrador retriever

Top: 10 to 22 inches

Weight: 25 to 50 kilos

Lifespan:  12 to 16 years

Coat kind: Brief to medium and dense

Coat colour: White, yellow/cream, black, crimson, or blue

Key traits: Good with kids, reasonably trainable, low grooming upkeep, excessive train/stimulation necessities, costly pet buy, frequent barking

Dad or mum Breed Historical past

It’s fascinating to notice that each guardian breeds of the Labrahuahua are native to the Americas. The Chihuahua comes from Mexico, whereas the Labrador retriever comes from Newfoundland, Canada.

Figuring out extra in regards to the parentage of the Labrahuahua may also help you perceive the complexity of this distinctive breed’s look, character, and care necessities.

Chihuahua Breed Historical past

The Chihuahua has a historical past steeped in conquest, survival, and historic Native American historical past. The trendy Chihuahua’s ancestor was the Techichi of the traditional Toltec civilization. It was a barely bigger canine that acted as a companion and an alert canine.

When the Aztecs conquered the Toltec folks within the 1100s, they took a liking to the Techichi and refined the breed to a smaller, extra compact dimension. It’s thought that the Techichi was bred with a hairless canine breed that got here to the North American continent through the land bridge to Asia. The marginally modified Techichi turned a beloved breed to the Aztec Empire and was integral to the tradition.

Throughout the Spanish conquest and subsequent colonization of what’s now often called Mexico and Central America (however was then the Aztec Empire within the 1500s), the Techichi managed to outlive the destruction of the civilisation in distant areas.

In the course of the nineteenth century, Europeans and white Individuals got interested within the small canine, which was now situated within the Chihuahua area of Mexico. The breed was then named the Chihuahua and was formally recognised by the American Kennel Membership in 1908.

This desk is a fast abstract of the principle traits of the Chihuahua breed:

Labrador Retriever Breed Historical past

Satirically, the Labrador doesn’t come from the Labrador area! As a substitute, it hails from Newfoundland, Canada. English duck hunters discovered the breed charming and really useful once they visited Canada and introduced a couple of again to England with them.

The Labrador retriever was particularly bred to be a working canine. It could accompany waterfowl hunters, and as soon as a chicken was shot down, the Labrador would soar into the water and retrieve the chicken’s carcass for its proprietor.

To have the ability to courageous the icy waters within the Canadian winter, these canines had been bred to have thick, dense coats and powerful, rudder-like tails to assist them maneuver within the water.

Because it made its option to the highest of the AKC’s “America’s favourite breed” record in 1991, it has solely continued to develop in recognition! That is because of the Labrador’s unimaginable temperament and loveable nature.

This desk is a fast abstract of the principle traits of the Labrador retriever breed:

How Was The Chihuahua Lab Combine Made?

Now, the Labrador retriever is a medium-to-large canine and is pretty hefty, whereas the Chihuahua is a small canine and reasonably dainty. So, how did this mixture of Lab and Chihuahua come to be?

There are a couple of uncommon events of bigger Chihuahuas mating with smaller Labradors present in wild packs throughout North and Central America. Nonetheless, this isn’t the place you may be getting your Labrahuahua from except it’s rescued.

Most Labrahuahuas which can be in the marketplace are as a consequence of synthetic insemination and breeder intervention. Primarily, someday, a breeder thought, “what would I get if I crossed my loyal and calm Labrador with my feisty little Chihuahua?” and the remainder is doggy historical past.

Because of the difficult strategy of synthetic insemination, Labrahuahua puppies are fairly costly.

You will need to word that in a Lab and Chihuahua combine, the Labrador is the feminine, and the Chihuahua is the male, as a feminine Chihuahua can be too small to hold a litter of puppies which can be crossed with a bigger breed just like the Labrador.

As soon as Chihuahuas had gained their recognition as a consequence of 2000s films like Legally Blonde, folks started looking for canines that had been crossed with the Chihuahua, and so the Labrahuahua grew in recognition.

What Does The Labrahuahua Look Like?

The Labrahuahua takes after its Chihuahua guardian in dimension and stature however takes on the seems of its Labrador retriever guardian. They are typically barely larger than Chihuahuas however broader with extra stocky proportions like their Labrador retriever dad and mom.

Top: 10 to 22 inches

Weight: 25 to 50 kilos

The Labrahuahua can are available in a wide range of colours, however the extra frequent ones are:

  • Black
  • Yellow/cream
  • White
  • Pink
  • Blue

The Labrahuahua will normally tackle the coloration of the Labrador retriever guardian over that of its Chihuahua guardian. Chihuahuas can have pure markings akin to a jacket, brindle, or spots.

Whereas it’s uncommon for a Labrahuahua to have markings, you might come throughout a Lab Chihuahua combine that shows the markings of its Chihuahua dad and mom. This implies the Chihuahua genes are robust.

Labrahuahuas notably have the thick, rounded ears much like the Labrador retriever guardian reasonably than the thinner pointy ears of the Chihuahua. The Labrahuahua’s ears will typically fold over when relaxed and will be reasonably fluffy.

What Sort Of Persona Does The Labrahuahua Have?

The Labrahuahua is stuffed with life, power, and most significantly love. These canines adore their people and can do something for a great, lengthy snuggle any alternative they get. They’re extremely affectionate with the folks they’re snug with.

Labrahuahuas are cautious of strangers and should bark quite a bit at them initially. Nonetheless, as they get used to one another, the Labrahuahua will heat as much as strangers shortly and go searching for love and cuddles.

Sadly, the flip facet of that is your Labrahuahua will be very needy and undergo when they’re left alone for any time period. You have to to place routines and coaching in place to keep away from the onset of social nervousness in your Labrahuahua.

The Chihuahua doesn’t get together with different canine breeds or pets however will get alongside nicely with others of its personal type. The Labrador retriever will get together with absolutely anything that strikes. Luckily, the Labrahuahua does get together with different canines offered it’s socialized correctly.

Labrahuahuas are glorious companions for youngsters. They’re small and are due to this fact not intimidating, however they aren’t as dainty and snappy as Chihuahuas are. Labrahuahuas adore kids and the countless enjoyable they will present by means of video games, cuddles, and dropped snacks.

What Sort Of Care Does My Labrahuahua Want?

Similar to all different canine breeds and hybrid breeds, Labrahuahuas want individualized care. A cautious take a look at the wants of Chihuahuas and Labrador retrievers may also help you perceive why your Labrahuahua wants the care it does.

Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at how one can greatest care in your Labrahuahua.


Proudly owning a canine is a privilege, grooming that treasured ball of fluff is a duty that shouldn’t be taken evenly. We are able to separate your canine’s grooming wants into three primary classes: coat, nails, and enamel.


Labrahuahuas have brief coats; nonetheless, they’re additionally pretty thick and dense. This implies they want frequent brushing to loosen up the hair and stop it from changing into compacted. Brushing them as soon as per week must be enough.

Labrahuahuas shed seasonally and can want further brushing throughout their shedding time. If they aren’t being brushed typically sufficient, they may change into itchy and should develop sores on their our bodies from scratching, or compacted fur pulling on the pores and skin.

A silicone brush can be utilized to softly seize the free hair within the coat and therapeutic massage the pores and skin on the similar time to advertise wholesome oil manufacturing. A deshedding brush is useful to make use of in addition to it can assist your Labrahuahua shed throughout their seasonal shedding time.

Your Labrahuahua will want a shower each three to 4 months, relying on how soiled they get and the way regularly you retain up with their grooming.


On prime of all of the brushing and bathing, your Labrahuahua may have its nails trimmed as soon as each three months to maintain them brief, practical, and wholesome. This may occasionally enhance in frequency as your Labrahuahua will get older and is much less lively.


The final merchandise on the grooming record is enamel brushing. Chihuahuas regularly undergo from periodontal illness due to the small dimension of their skulls. Brushing your Labrahuahua’s enamel daily will assist cut back the possibility of them creating periodontal illness.


Labrador retrievers and Chihuahuas are each lively canines that want loads of bodily train. Your Labrahuahua wants one hour of train a day damaged up into three 20-minute periods.

Train can come within the type of operating round, occurring hikes, taking part in video games, coaching, and doing impediment programs.

Labrahuahuas are pretty intelligent canines. Each guardian breeds are clever and wish a considerable quantity of stimulation on a regular basis to forestall them from changing into bored. Video games, coaching, puzzle toys, and snuffle blankets are all glorious methods to train your Labrahuahua’s thoughts and maintain your furnishings unchewed.


Chihuahuas and Labrador retrievers want totally different sorts of diet owing to the distinction within the dimension and wishes of their our bodies. Nonetheless, supplying your Labrahuahua with a wholesome, well-rounded, balanced weight loss plan is pretty easy.

Take a look at our article devoted to the 10 greatest pure canine meals.

What Are The Widespread Well being Issues Of The Labrahuahua?

The Labrahuahua has a couple of well being points to be involved about and these come from the guardian breeds. Nonetheless, Labrahuahuas will probably be more healthy than both guardian as they’re extra genetically various as a result of they’re a hybrid breed.

The foremost well being considerations you have to be conscious of are luxating patellas, elbow and hip dysplasia, eye points, and coronary heart situations.

  • Patella luxation is frequent in Chihuahuas and different smaller canine breeds. In case your Labrahuahua is on the smaller facet, this might be an issue.
  • Labrador retrievers regularly undergo from elbow and hip dysplasia (as do many different massive canine breeds). In case your Labrahuahua is on the bigger facet, this might be a possible drawback.
  • Entropion is a watch illness. Labrahuahuas are prone to undergo from entropion as each guardian breeds generally undergo from it.
  • Like entropion, each guardian breeds typically undergo from coronary heart situations akin to cardiomyopathy and mitral valve illness. Due to this fact, it is a frequent drawback seen in Labrahuahuas.

One of the best ways to guard your Labrahuahua is by being proactive with yearly vet visits. Taking your canine to the vet yearly is a necessity as they want vaccine boosters and yearly bodily check-ups. Your vet will be capable to let you know if something is incorrect as your canine ages.

FAQs About The Chihuahua Lab Combine

How a lot is a Labrahuahua pet?

A Labrahuahua pet can set you again no less than $1,000. It is because the method of breeding is much more hands-on and breeders concerned than different hybrid canine breeds, akin to a Chiweenie, the place each guardian breeds are small.

In case you are searching for a Labrahuahua that has the yellow jacket of the Labrador retriever guardian, then you possibly can anticipate to pay a great deal greater than $1,000 as a result of breeders know they’re wanted.

Earlier than buying your Labrahuahua from a breeder, be sure to do your homework on the breeder. There are a lot of yard breeders or pet mills which have very poor breeding practices and move themselves off as respected breeders.

You need to be capable to go and meet the breeder, view their breeding inventory, and meet the puppies earlier than you buy your pet from them. Search for on-line critiques and even converse to earlier prospects.

Can I discover Labrahuahuas at an animal shelter?

You will discover the odd Labrahuahua at a traditional animal shelter, nonetheless, you’ll have extra luck taking a look at a specialised shelter for Labradors or Chihuahuas, as the mixture doesn’t occur ‘accidentally’ fairly often.

Do Labrahuahuas get together with different pets?

Luckily, Labrahuahuas take after their Labrador retriever guardian on this regard. Labrahuahuas get alongside pretty nicely with different family pets akin to cats, different canines, and even massive reptiles.

You will need to socialize and practice your Labrahuahua from an early age as to what’s and what’s not applicable conduct round your different pets to make sure a contented residence life and concord amongst all of your furry, feathered, and scaly associates.

Will my Labrahuahua bark lots?

Chihuahuas are identified to be “yappy” canines who bark lots. Labradors do their justifiable share of barking when making an attempt to alert their homeowners to one thing they see, hear, or odor. Sadly, the Labrahuahua can go both means by way of barking frequency.

Take a look at our article devoted to correcting dangerous barking conduct that will help you maintain your Labrahuahua from bothering the neighbors in any respect hours.

Barking Off On The Chihuahua Lab Combine

The Labrahuahua, a Chihuahua Labrador retriever combine, is a loveable canine who enjoys cuddles, lengthy walks on the seaside, and countless consideration.

Let’s recap the principle traits of the Labrahuahua:

Dad or mum breeds: Chihuahua and Labrador retriever

Top: 10 to 22 inches

Weight: 25 to 50 kilos

Lifespan:  12 to 16 years

Coat kind: Brief to medium and dense

Coat colour: White, yellow/cream, black, crimson, or blue

Key traits: Good with kids, reasonably trainable, low grooming upkeep, excessive train/stimulation necessities, costly pet buy, frequent barking

Bear in mind, realizing in regards to the guardian breeds will make it easier to perceive the Labrahuahua higher. As a hybrid canine, the Labrahuahua can land wherever on the spectrum between both of its guardian breeds.

This can be a information on the typical Labrahuahua, all the time do not forget that hybrids are distinctive and will probably be totally different in character and appears, even amongst puppies from the identical litter.

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