The place Do Crows Need to Sleep within the Winter?

Three American crows (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

10 December 2023

When 20,000 crows come to Pittsburgh for the winter, they should sleep someplace they usually inevitably make a large number. Why do they roost close to us the place the mess will get on our nerves? Why don’t they sleep within the woods? Let’s have a look the explanations crows select one location over one other when it’s time to sleep.

Crows have just a few easy necessities for a roost they usually all have to come back collectively on the similar place. Security is an enormous one. Crows need:

  1. Tall bushes for roosting
  2. Heat when it’s chilly
  3. No nice horned owls!
  4. Security in numbers
  5. Night time lights. A lot of them.
  6. White noise on the roost
  7. No harassment from people

1. Tall bushes for roosting: Crows favor to roost on the very prime of mature bushes. They perch on the very best twigs that help their weight.

Crows coming to the roost, Pittsburgh, 2017 (picture by Sharon Leadbitter)

2. Heat when it’s chilly: When the climate is effectively under freezing bushes are too uncovered for a great evening’s sleep so crows could select rooftops as an alternative.

Crows on the roof (picture courtesy Crows’ Name at College of Washington, Bothnell)

3. No nice horned owls! Crows are fearful of nice horned owls who can sneak up on them at evening. They like locations that nice horned owls keep away from.

Nice horned owl (picture by Alan Wolf through Flickr, CC license)

4. Security in numbers: Crows sleep in a crowd so that somebody’s at all times awake to look at for owls. It additionally lowers the chances of being the one who’s eaten.

Crows asleep close to Heinz Chapel by the sunshine of the Supermoon, Dec 2017 (picture by Kate St. John)

5. Night time lights. A lot of them: Crows prefer to sleep with the lights on. It’s simpler to look at for owls when you may see them coming. There aren’t any nightlights within the woods.

Crows in a tree on Thackeray Ave, Pittsburgh, 2011 (picture by Peter Bell)

6. White noise on the roost: Along with evening lights, crows need white noise on the roost(*), the sound of operating water or site visitors. This location alongside Fifth Avenue combines all their necessities in a single place. Besides it bothers people.

Crows roosting alongside Fifth Avenue within the bushes at Pitt, Dec 2017 (picture by Kate St. John)

7. No harassment from people: The proper roost is normally close to people however crows make an unlimited mess that individuals have to scrub up. When the crows put on out their welcome, folks determine methods to get them to go away. This consists of loud abrupt noises corresponding to clappers and bangers, flashing lights, and harassment by falconers’ birds.

Clappers used to disperse crows (picture courtesy Alex Toner, Univ of Pittsburgh)
screenshot from video Falconry strikes the crows in Portland, OR

Now that we all know what crows need at a roost we are able to determine the place they’re prone to be. Convincing them to go away is far simpler to do earlier than they land. 😉

(*) p.s. Why do crows need white noise after they sleep? Nobody has defined it however I’ve a principle that nice horned owls keep away from white noise. Owls want to listen to their prey after they’re searching and white noise makes that unattainable.

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