What Sort of Fish Is Dory in Discovering Nemo? Information & Photos


blue hippo tang

During the last twenty years, Pixar has created among the world’s most memorable animated characters, together with Woody the toy, Lightning McQueen the race automobile, and Dory from Discovering Nemo. Dory is a blue tang or Paracanthurus hepatus, and on this article, we’ll let you know every part you want to find out about this fascinating fish.

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What Are Blue Tangs?

Also referred to as regal tang, palette surgeonfish, hippo tang, and flagtail surgeonfish, blue tangs are a species of Indo-Pacific surgeonfish.

As its identify suggests, a blue tang is predominantly royal blue in colour, although it additionally has a fantastically shiny yellow tail and a definite black “palette design.” They’ll develop to 12 inches, with grownup fish usually weighing round 21 ounces.

Identical to Dory, blue tangs are flat—like a pancake—in form and have a pointed nostril. In contrast to Dory, nevertheless, blue tangs don’t endure from short-term reminiscence loss. Like most aquarium fish, they will be taught to acknowledge their caretakers.

The place Do Blue Tangs Dwell?

Blue tangs stay within the crystalline waters surrounding coral reefs. They inhabit a big space throughout the tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They’ll generally be discovered alongside the coast of southeast Asia, together with Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia, and within the Nice Barrier Reef in Australia.

blue tang fish swimming near corral
Picture Credit score: Sigrid Eriksen, Shutterstock

Are Blue Tangs Going Extinct?

The Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists blue tang as a species of least concern, so that they aren’t at speedy danger. Nonetheless, these stunning fish are in excessive demand by the aquarium commerce, and, till lately, they might not be bred in captivity. Because of this, all of the fish offered to aquarium hobbyists have been taken from the ocean.

How Lengthy Does a Fish Like Dory Dwell?

Blue tang can stay for as much as 30 years within the wild, offered they aren’t caught! In captivity, nevertheless, these fish don’t survive as lengthy. Most aquarium-bound blue tang stay for round 8–12 years, although they will stay for as much as 20 years.

Do Dory Fish Make Good Pets?

Although they give the impression of being stunning in a saltwater tank, blue tangs require lots of work. They want giant, complicated saltwater tanks. Moreover, they’ve lengthy lifespans, which most individuals don’t search for in pet fish. If taken care of correctly, they will stay as much as 20 years, which is longer than the typical lifespan of a canine.

Along with excessive upkeep, blue tangs are sourced from the ocean for the aquarium commerce utilizing cyanide fishing, which many conservation organizations fear has a damaging impression on coral reefs and different tropical fish.

How Large Ought to a Blue Tang Tank Be?

Blue tangs can develop to be round 12 inches in size. Moreover, this can be a extremely lively fish that enjoys swimming round and grazing on stay rocks. Assuming you’ve solely acquired one, you’d want, on the very least, a 100-gallon tank.

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Dory the forgetful fish is a blue tang, a stunning saltwater fish inhabiting the tropical waters round coral reefs within the Indian and Pacific oceans. They’re extremely wanted within the aquarium commerce and are normally sourced by way of cyanide fishing, a observe that’s dangerous and harmful to coral reefs and marine life. As fairly as they might look in a tank, these fish are at their greatest within the wild, the place they are often left to swim in giant, beautiful shoals!

Featured Picture Credit score: Vladimir Wrangel, Shutterstock


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