Why Do Canines Bury Issues?

Canines prefer to bury issues. Generally meaning discovering a bone or a toy underneath a recent pile of grime in your yard. Different instances, it could imply discovering the TV distant on the backside of the laundry basket underneath all of your soiled garments, or questioning how your cellphone acquired underneath the sofa cushion.

Although these items could seem completely different, they’re all actually indicators of the identical factor: your canine’s pure intuition to maintain “his” issues secure and guarded — no matter whether or not or not they’re truly his. Why do canine do that?

Quick reply: as a result of it was crucial for his or her survival.

Wild Canines and Hidden Treasures

A wolf burying a bone in the snow.

Generations in the past, when canine’ wild ancestors roamed the wild in packs, they needed to hunt for his or her meals. It typically took loads of time and vitality to catch and kill one thing, after which as quickly as they managed to do this, different animals could be after it in the event that they smelled the meat. And, in fact, there have been additionally events the place a hunt might need gone too properly and the canine merely wasn’t capable of end his complete meal. What was the answer to each issues? Bury the meals.

By burying carcasses and bones, canine had been basically creating pure fridges for them. The grime prevented different creatures from smelling and discovering their bounty, maintained freshness longer by preserving away daylight, and likewise “marinated” the meals with the tastes of the earth. Yum.

Why Do Home Canines Bury Issues Now?

A small brown and white dog digs a hole in the grass to bury his toy.

Clearly, your canine doesn’t have to fret about going hungry. So why does she nonetheless bury issues? Plenty of causes:

It’s a Canine’s Pure Intuition

Even when you recognize that your canine is rarely going to have to fret about meals, and even when you’ve been feeding them every single day for years, that doesn’t take away a canine’s urge to make sure their future wants by squirreling issues away for later. 

You’re Giving Them Too A lot

The opposite aspect of the intuition to bury issues has nothing to do with worry of hunger or defending their meals from predators. If you happen to’re overly beneficiant together with your pooch by way of toys or treats, burying them is a means for them to say “Cool! I’ll save this.”

Generally they might even need to bury gadgets as a result of they’re too good for them to eat abruptly — they need to save them to allow them to take pleasure in them once more later.

Burying tasty issues, for canine, is a means of preserving meals brisker longer, reasonably than letting it sit out the place it may go unhealthy or get stolen by wild animals or different canine!

It’s a Sport

In case your canine is bored, lonely, or just needs to get your consideration, it’s not unusual for them to bury issues to get you to “play” with them. Typically, these stolen gadgets shall be shiny issues like jewellery or watches, or objects they know are “beneficial” to you, like a footwear or TV distant.

One of the simplest ways to curb this urge to bury issues is to reduce your canine’s entry to the objects they covet and rotate toys to offer selection.

From Wild to Tame: What Canines Bury At the moment

A golden retriever digs a hole to bury something in the yard.

A canine’s burying habits, as we’ve mentioned, stems from a pure urge to bury their meals. Domesticated canine are likely to bury just a few particular issues, together with: 


A canine burying bones is a traditional picture, and it’s one thing that many trendy canine truly do. Canines will bury bones to avoid wasting the bone and any leftover meat for his or her subsequent meal, or they could bury bones to maintain them from different pets.

Their Meals

Whether or not they’ve had an excessive amount of to eat or need to make certain they’ve sufficient for after they’re hungry later, your canine would possibly bury their meals to maintain it secure and recent. Burying meals could be a good signal that you simply’re overfeeding your canine.

Their Favourite Toys

Typically, canine will bury gadgets to protect them. The identical is true for after they bury toys. You would possibly discover that your canine buries older toys that they’ve gotten hooked up to. This is actually because they need to maintain their favourite chew toy secure!

How you can Discourage Your Canine from Burying Issues

A husky digging up sand on the beach.

Though burying habits is pure, that doesn’t change the truth that fixed digging can destroy your yard and be indicative of tension or compulsion. Many canine might bury issues now and again, however when it turns into a behavior, canine homeowners are extra inclined to place a cease to it.

In order for you your canine to cease digging holes to cover issues in your yard, listed below are just a few ideas:

  • Be sure you’re not over-feeding your canine 
  • Restrict the variety of toys they’ve entry to
  • Frequently rotate the toys you make out there to your pup
  • Give them consideration by enjoying with and strolling them 

You may also rent a canine coach to help with obedience coaching in case your canine continues to dig and bury bones or meals.

In case you have bother stopping your canine from burying issues outdoors, you could need to speak to your vet. Why?The chemical compounds that many people use in our backyards could be a well being hazard that provides her diarrhea or an upset abdomen.

Why Do Canines Bury Bones and How Do You Cease Them?

A dog lying on the kitchen floor with a bone.

The explanation your furry good friend likes to bury treats, meals, toys, and extra in your yard is surprisingly easy: it’s of their DNA! Whereas this habits isn’t precisely crucial as of late, most canine can’t shake the intuition to cover their favourite issues underground.

In case your canine is tearing up your yard and burying issues, it’s best to consider how a lot meals you give them and the way a lot time you spend enjoying with them. Ensure they get loads of train and have just a few toys to select from at a time. And if that doesn’t work, contact a canine coach or your vet to see what it’s best to do subsequent.

What’s the strangest factor your canine ever buried? Inform us within the feedback!

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