Why Does My Cat Like Plastic Luggage So A lot? 5 Causes & Security Ideas

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Cat house owners love to observe their kitties play with the toys they purchase them. It’s enjoyable to observe them bat at objects and take a look at to determine catch that stuffed mouse dangling from a string or see them strive desperately to catch the pink dot on the ground that retains shifting. However typically, the toys you purchase might not maintain a candle to a great ol’ plastic bag. Cats appear drawn to them, so why do cats like plastic baggage a lot? Effectively, there are a couple of causes for this conduct, however they stem from the scent and sound of plastic baggage.

There’s extra to unlock as to why cats love the scent and sound, so learn on to study extra about this conduct and the potential risks of cats taking part in with plastic baggage.

The 5 Causes Why Cats Like Plastic Luggage:

1. Cats Love the Sound

Plastic baggage make a crinkly sound that cats love. Cats, particularly indoor cats, usually are not uncovered to such gadgets frequently, and the sound alone will pique your cat’s curiosity to research. Cats have a eager sense of listening to, and given their curious nature, the sound will draw a cat’s consideration each time.

Plastic baggage even have a thoughts of their very own in a cat’s eyes, and when a plastic bag strikes round from slightly breeze, your cat will be unable to withstand taking part in with the weird object.

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2. They Love the Odor

If you return dwelling from the grocery retailer and empty the plastic baggage, your cat goes to scent the meals that have been as soon as inside, inflicting your cat to research. What’s extra, your cat will seemingly scent the chemical compounds the plastic baggage are manufactured from. Many plastic baggage are comprised of cornstarch, stearates (salts of stearate acid), and even animal by-products, corresponding to gelatin, which is able to spark your cat’s curiosity.

3. It’s the Thrill of the Chew

Cats additionally like to chew on plastic baggage for a couple of causes. For one, the scent talked about above entices your cat to chew on the luggage. When your cat goes in to research the plastic bag, the scent of meals alone will trigger your cat to nibble on it seeking tasting the fantastic scent. Secondly, the substances that some baggage are coated with will trigger your cat the will to chew.

Lastly, chewing on a plastic bag could also be attributable to a dental concern. The texture of the plastic might soothe sore gums, and in the event you suspect this, a visit to your vet is warranted to examine issues out. Your cat might have a dental concern that wants addressing, and it’s not one thing to miss.

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4. They Love the Texture

Contact is a robust software for cats to make use of to research the world round them, and the texture of the plastic is interesting to them. Cats are tactile creatures, and the slippery and clean texture offers cats a singular sensory expertise in comparison with on a regular basis objects they’re already used to, corresponding to material or paper. Merely put, cats love the texture of the graceful and slippery texture as a result of it offers them a passable tactile sensation.

5. They Like to Sit on Plastic Luggage

Have you ever ever seen your cat sit on a plastic bag? If that’s the case, there’s a purpose for it. Given the graceful texture, cats might discover the sensation comforting. Plastic baggage appear to supply a way of safety, very like being wrapped in a heat blanket. Additionally they might provide a way of privateness in your cat.

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The Risks of Plastic Luggage and Cats

Regardless that it might seem innocent to let your cat play with plastic baggage, an essential query to ask is: is it protected to let your cat play with them? Sadly, a plastic bag is not the most secure object to let your cat play with.

Plastic baggage pose well being threats to cats, particularly in case your cat likes to chew on them. When your cat chews or nibbles on plastic baggage, bits and items might break off, which might trigger a choking hazard or intestinal blockages. There’s additionally the chance of suffocation in case your cat will get tousled in a single.

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Methods to Preserve Your Cat Protected From Plastic Luggage

One of the simplest ways to maintain your cat protected from plastic baggage is to easily preserve them out of attain. Regardless that your cat appears to take pleasure in taking part in with them, their security comes first.  In case your cat is drawn to plastic baggage, you might have to reevaluate your cat’s enrichment.

For instance, make sure you present your cat with loads of toys for psychological stimulation. This could possibly be one purpose your cat is drawn to plastic baggage. Your cat might merely be bored. Meals puzzles or ball mazes are wonderful decisions for offering your cat with every day enrichment and retaining boredom at bay.

Ultimate Ideas

Whereas it might appear amusing, it’s finest to chorus from letting your cat play with plastic baggage. As an alternative, go for toys which will stimulate the identical sounds and textures that plastic baggage provide, corresponding to crinkly balls or tunnel toys to discover. Guarantee your cat’s dental well being is in examine as effectively, as a dental concern may be a trigger for chewing on plastic. Bear in mind to maintain your cat’s every day enrichment within the forefront and preserve plastic baggage put away and out of attain in your cat’s security.

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