Why does my Lab roll in something STINKY???? (ewwwww!!)

I’ve lived with a whole lot of canines in my life, from hounds to labradors and even a terrier. All of them appear to have one factor in frequent concerning the enjoyment of rolling in one thing that smells disgusting. It is perhaps fox scat, one thing useless or one thing fully unidentifiable. Each single canine I’ve ever had has adopted this sample, apparently, once they roll in issues
that odor remover revolting to us people.

There are a number of choices put ahead by behavioral consultants for this one. No definitive reply is admittedly attainable. However there are numerous attainable causes. When wolves are noticed rolling in one thing smelly, researchers finding out their conduct initially believed that they have been masking their very own odor in order to confuse any potential prey.

Two different different explanations for the rolling I’ve additionally seen urged is that rolling goes to take the scent of his discover again to the pack for promoting what’s discovered. The second, in all probability even much less appetizing, is that the curler could also be marking the carrion  along with his personal odor, declaring possession of it.

Neither of those holds up underneath argument and one other thought means that each wolves and canines roll in foul-smelling goop as a result of they merely love the odor. One final suggestion might not be as far-fetched because it appears when you think about that the costliest sense that people apply historically include natural components, and we predict they odor scrumptious, however most canines wouldn’t agree with that any greater than their people would luxuriate of their eau de skunk.

The ‘scent masking and purely for enjoyment’ concepts appear the almost certainly choices for anybody who has seen the expression of a canine rolling in one thing foul and recognized it in human phrases as radiating pure inexplicable pleasure for him, however torture for you–with the next smelly bathtub time!!!

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