Why Does Your Cat Scratch the Partitions? 6 Causes & Options

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orange cat scratching wooden walls

There’s no denying {that a} cat’s paws are cute, however what they do with their claws isn’t all the time so cute. Moggies taking out their scratching urges on furnishings and partitions is a typical cat mum or dad grievance, however why do they do that within the first place?

Wall-scratching can turn into a behavior for an assortment of causes, some harmless and a few that will point out a deeper subject. Let’s delve into the explanation why your wall could have turn into your cat’s newest sufferer. We’ll additionally share some tips about stopping scratching in inappropriate locations.

The 6 Causes Why Cats Scratch the Partitions:

1.  Behavior

As everyone knows, cats are creatures of routine. They like every little thing to be in the identical place because it all the time is, whether or not that’s meals and water bowls, litter bins, or scratching areas. In case your cat is scratching your wall, the best clarification is that they’ve developed this behavior out of routine.

Maybe your cat began doing it when you have been out of the home, so that you weren’t all the time capable of catch and redirect the habits. One other clarification could also be that they have been allowed to do it as a kitten earlier than you introduced them dwelling.

Cat chasing tail on horizontal scratching post
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2. Territory Marking

When a cat scratches one thing, their paw pads (which have scent glands) deposit pheromones. It is a manner cats mark their territory, so your cat could have taken a shine to your wall and desires to say it as their very own. This will likely appear odd, however maybe your cat likes this explicit spot as a result of it’s near the place their mattress is or is of their most popular room.

3. Boredom

Cats usually tend to scratch in inappropriate locations in the event that they’re bored. Scratching is soothing to cats and helps them work off pent-up power, so that you may need to think about whether or not or not your cat is getting sufficient train. Strive incorporating play classes into your every day routine to let your cat work off that extra power and enhance their psychological stimulation.

cat playing with a fishing rod toy at home
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4. Consideration-In search of

In case your cat has discovered that scratching on the wall will get your consideration, they are going to proceed to do it each time they really feel it’s mandatory. Normally, it’s finest to disregard undesirable attention-seeking habits, however when the integrity of your wall is at stake, it could be higher to strive redirecting them to a scratch publish.

5. Nervousness

Stress and nervousness may cause undesirable behaviors like scratching areas that shouldn’t be scratched. That is an try and self-soothe by performing a pure habits. Different indicators of hysteria in cats embody pacing, going to the lavatory exterior the litter field, extreme vocalization, dilated pupils, restlessness, extreme grooming, and hypervigilance.

Cats which have skilled trauma or haven’t been socialized correctly from a younger age are extra susceptible to growing nervousness, as are cats with an sickness. Some cats have separation nervousness, which implies they get extremely burdened while you’re not round. See a vet for those who suspect nervousness.

White cat playin on a scratching post
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6. Pests within the Wall

In case your cat hears pests like mice within the partitions of your property, scratching could ensue in an try and seize no matter’s scuttling about in there. In case your kitty appears intent on scratching their manner by sure areas of the wall, it may very well be time to examine for a pest downside.

Cease Wall-Scratching

To fight harmful scratching, strive inserting a scratching publish in entrance of the world your cat targets. In the event that they nonetheless attempt to launch a claw assault on the wall, gently redirect them to the publish. Do that constantly till they get the trace. There are scratching posts and boards in quite a lot of shapes, sizes, and textures, so decide the kind you suppose your cat shall be most interested in.

tricolor cat scratching claws on wall scratch post
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Different Suggestions: 

  • Trim your cat’s nails repeatedly.
  • Present a number of several types of scratch posts round your property for selection.
  • By no means power your cat’s paws onto a scratch publish and drag their claws down it—it will solely scare them and make them not need to use it.
  • Make certain your cat will get loads of psychological and bodily train.
  • Take note of your cat once they’re calm as an alternative of once they’re appearing out.
  • Schedule play classes so your cat learns to anticipate them. This will likely cut back attention-seeking behaviors.
  • Keep away from yelling at or punishing your cat—this makes issues worse.
  • Cats don’t scratch out of spite.
  • If you should, place your cat in one other room for a couple of minutes once they scratch the wall to take away them from the scenario.
  • Cowl the world with one thing unappealing, like plastic sheeting.
  • Seek the advice of your vet for those who suppose your cat could have nervousness or one other well being situation.

Is Declawing a Good Thought?

No! Declawing is a foul concept as a result of it can result in a lot of well being points together with ache within the again and paws, tissue demise, lameness, nerve injury, bone spurs, and infections. As well as, the restoration course of could be troublesome and painful. It’s additionally merciless within the sense that it’s emotionally damaging to your cat as a result of declawing prevents them from performing a vital pure habits.

Declawing shouldn’t be like merely having nails trimmed in any respect—the process really includes slicing by the tendons and sensory and motor nerves. To place issues into perspective, declawing to a cat is sort of a human having the information of their fingers reduce off on the knuckle.


In case your cat has been making a scratchboard out of your wall, don’t despair—an answer is certain to be shut at hand. Work on figuring out the trigger to search out out whether or not a cleverly positioned scratch publish may very well be the reply or if a extra detailed evaluation by your vet may very well be so as.

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