Why Is My Cat Dropping Toys within the Bathroom? Causes & What to Do


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Cats carry out a slew of behaviors that appear odd or uncommon to us people. A kind of habits is dropping their toys in water. Typically it’s the water bowl, however some cats choose to drop their toys into the bathroom, of all locations. That is such a wierd conduct, particularly since many cats appear to hate water. Why would cats do that unusual factor?

No one is aware of for certain why cats drop their toys into water, however some folks imagine it has to do together with your cat’s innate prey drive. Listed here are among the causes that your cat may very well be dropping their toys into the bathroom and different our bodies of water in your house.

Predatory Instincts

Cats are apex predators, even after they’re contained inside your property. They’ve robust predatory instincts that drive lots of their behaviors, together with play behaviors. When cats drop their toys into water, they could be making an attempt to clean the scent of the prey off of it, making it harder for different predators to detect it. They might even be making an attempt to cover their “prey” by nesting it right into a bowl, and generally that bowl is the bowl of your open bathroom.

Love for You

Cats are fantastic animals that present an excessive amount of appreciation and affection for his or her folks. One of many ways in which some cats present their love for his or her folks is by bringing them presents. Whereas these presents are generally lifeless bugs and mice, they could additionally “reward” their toys to their folks.

Affection apart, cats additionally convey prey, together with their toys, to their folks as a result of they assume that their individuals are dangerous hunters. In the event you aren’t bringing lifeless animals and toys to your cat, they could worry that you just aren’t in a position to hunt and supply for your self. To assist educate you methods to be a greater hunter, your cat might convey their toys to you. Typically, they’ll drop their toys in entrance of you in odd locations, together with bathrooms, sinks, water bowls, and even ingesting glasses.

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Find out how to Stop This Habits

It’s possible you’ll not have the ability to totally deter your cat from dropping their toys into water, however you’ll be able to not less than maintain them from dropping their toys into the bathroom. For apparent causes, you don’t need to need to fish cat toys out of the bathroom, nor would you like your cat enjoying with toys which were soaking in bathroom water. Get everybody within the family on board by both retaining the bathrooms or the rest room doorways closed when no one is within the room to observe issues.

In Conclusion

No one really is aware of why cats drop their toys into water, nevertheless it’s doubtless associated to their robust searching instincts. Some cats might select the bathroom because the place they drop off their toys, although, which is a conduct that you just need to deter. Hold your cat out of the lavatory as a lot as doable and change any toys which have hung out soaking in the bathroom.

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