Why Your Cat Will not Eat Moist Cat Meals


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Diet is significant to feline well being, so it may be alarming when your cat received’t eat their moist meals. Many cats are additionally on a moist meals food plan to enhance their water consumption, so their hydration can also be in danger. Possibly your cat is making an attempt moist meals for the primary time or simply switching manufacturers. Your cat’s consuming habits are primarily based on numerous elements—from the feel and taste of the meals to their feeding schedule and early associations.

Fast Overview


Cats could not eat moist meals resulting from their palate choice, bowl sort, stress, or well being.


A cat’s urge for food could change resulting from numerous well being situations together with dental issues.


Introduce new diets slowly, scale back stress, and search veterinary consideration if involved.

Medical situations comparable to dental issues or kidney illness are additionally widespread culprits for decreased urge for food. As a veterinarian, I see a number of cats come into the clinic who will not be consuming nicely. This at all times warrants a full well being examination the place I pay particular consideration to their tooth. Dental illness is widespread in cats, however they’re so good at hiding ache that always the one signal is a change to their consuming habits.

In case your cat received’t eat moist meals, learn on for why this could be, some ideas to assist, and when to be involved.

7 Causes Why Your Cat Gained’t Eat Moist Meals

It’s irritating when your kitty received’t contact the meals you thoughtfully picked out only for them. It can be troubling in the event that they’re not consuming nicely. Understanding your cat’s habits is step one to discovering an answer. In the event that they received’t contact their moist cat meals, right here’s a number of causes to think about why.

1. Your Cat’s Senses

Cats are extremely attuned to their atmosphere and are very delicate to sure senses comparable to odor. If the aroma, style, or texture of the meals is to not their liking, they might reject it. Some cats simply appear to favor the style and texture of dry kibble. In case your cat is new to moist meals, they might discover the completely different textures and moisture ranges too far outdoors their consolation zone. In any case, cats are creatures of behavior.

2. Cat Meals Recipe Modified

In case your cat’s meals has been the identical for a very long time, it could appear unusual that they immediately flip their nostril up at it. Nonetheless, pet meals manufacturers can change their recipes with out warning and your cat will certainly discover! Has the feel modified from pâté to chunks? Has the protein switched from hen to turkey? Completely different flavors and elements can play a big position in meals rejection.

3. Incorrect Cat Meals Bowl

Cat assessing their new bowl for wet food

Many cats favor to eat from vast, shallow dishes slightly than deep bowls. Ceramic and glass are simply cleaned and don’t retain unhealthy smells. Svetlana Rey / Shutterstock.com

Your fussy eater may very well be grappling with the dish, slightly than the meals. Plastic dishes will retain extra odor and micro organism than ceramic, glass, or chrome steel. Dishes which were washed with detergent and never completely rinsed might also be off-putting. Deep bowls or these with straight sides make it onerous to your cat to achieve their meals. This may additionally result in uncomfortable whisker fatigue from continuously brushing towards the perimeters of the bowl.

4. Cat Meals Expiration Dates

Cats have roughly 200 million odor sensors of their noses. (They’re 14 occasions extra delicate than ours.) They’re evolutionarily programmed to keep away from meals that smells like it could give them an upset abdomen. They might decide up on meals that has expired or wasn’t saved accurately and has spoiled. Business pet meals usually has a protracted shelf life, nevertheless it’s at all times value double-checking the expiration dates for security.

5. Modifications to Routine

A scarcity of curiosity in meals could also be so simple as your cat not adjusting nicely to one thing completely different of their routine. Have you ever modified their feeding schedule or altered the place their bowls are located in the home? These seemingly small particulars could cause extra issues for cats than you would possibly anticipate. If a routine change appears to be affecting your pet, think about reinstating their common habits. Be affected person.

6. Careworn-Out Cats

Cats are so harshly affected by stress that it could trigger sick well being. Stressors for cats would possibly embrace a brand new pet or member of the family within the family, loud noises, and bodily modifications to their atmosphere. Environmental stressors might embrace house renovations and even territorial disputes with neighboring felines. Cats can react to emphasize in some ways, together with hiding away extra, urinating in inappropriate locations, and modifications to urge for food.

7. Lack of Urge for food

Is your cat refusing to eat moist meals or simply not consuming nicely in any respect? In case your cat goes outdoors, their lack of urge for food might be resulting from them gaining their energy elsewhere, comparable to elevated looking or being fed by a neighbor. However poor urge for food might also be resulting from a well being concern. Varied medical causes trigger cats to go off their meals, together with gastrointestinal issues, dental illness, kidney failure, and liver illness. Even higher respiratory infections can scale back urge for food, as they stop cats from having the ability to odor their meals.

Make Your Choosy Eater Comfortable

Satisfied cat licking their paws after a good meal.

All cats deserve a cushty, nutritious consuming routine. Bogdan Sonjachnyj / Shutterstock.com

Cats know the distinction between a great eating expertise and a poor one—and so they actually deserve one of the best. Listed below are some methods to assist your cat eat their moist meals:

Go Again to Fundamentals

You probably have a finicky eater, attempt to reset just a little. In the event that they don’t like their new meals, return to their common fare for some time simply to settle them. However, for those who haven’t modified their meals for months and so they’re bored of it, attempt mixing it up a bit. Swap flavors or select a unique consistency. Change your cat’s food plan step by step over a few weeks to keep away from an upset tummy. Serve their meals in clear, appropriate bowls and refrigerate leftovers in an hermetic container.

Make it Interesting

In case your cat isn’t all for their moist meals, make it enchantment to their senses extra. Heating it up barely or including some heat water could make it odor extra appetizing. Check the temperature earlier than serving it to them. You may also combine in some treats or meals toppers to actually pique their curiosity. In case your cat is transitioning from dry meals, attempt to not overwhelm them. Add only a small quantity of moist meals to their dry meals after which step by step enhance the proportion of moist meals.

Cut back Cat Stress

Have there been any massive modifications to your cat’s routine or atmosphere? This may trigger them massive stress and reduce their urge for food. In case your cat appears unsettled about something, think about making their atmosphere extra feline-friendly. Pheromone diffusers, cozy hiding locations, a predictable routine, and loads of bonding time can all make a distinction to these extra anxious kitties.

Schedule a Examine-Up

A change in your cat’s urge for food can sign many issues. It might be that your cat merely dislikes the style of their moist meals, however there might be an underlying well being concern. Cats who cease consuming immediately may even develop hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver illness), which may be life-threatening. In case your cat isn’t consuming nicely, and particularly if they’ve another signs, guide a go to to your veterinarian for a well being examination.

Regularly Requested Questions

Why does my cat stroll away from her meals?

Your cat could present up for mealtimes however not really resolve to eat. They might discover the timing, location, or sort of bowl to be fallacious. Or perhaps the style or odor of the meals is off-putting. They might even be affected by a medical situation, comparable to painful dental illness or nausea making them really feel unwell.

Why does my cat favor dry meals to moist meals?

Some cats have particular preferences for his or her sort of meals, texture, taste, and odor. That is additionally influenced by their early experiences as a kitten. Consuming dry meals is okay for a lot of cats, so long as it’s nutritionally balanced and there may be loads of recent water accessible.

Do cats get tired of consuming the identical meals?

Each cat is exclusive. Cats within the wild have a different food plan, so they might get tired of consuming the identical meals. Nonetheless, some cats may be reluctant to attempt very new meals, so sticking with an identical sort however various the flavour or texture could also be what works for them.


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